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Articles by Stanley C Loewen

» The Cure for Loneliness

» Advantages of Living Simple

» Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

» Ending Your Fear of Elevators

» Dealing With Shame and Guilt

» Accepting Your Flaws and Mistakes

» How to Handle People Who Play Mind Games With You

» Constructive Criticism and Advice Giving It, Taking It, and Reconsidering It

» Stopping Repetitive Bad Memories

» Dealing With Snobbishness

» Feeling Ugly and Unattractive

» Does Lumosity Work?

» Chasing Your Dreams

» 5 Stages of Grief and Loss

» Characteristics of a Controlling Personality

» How Role Models Can Influence Lives

» The Secret of All Self Help Books Cognitive Restructuring

» Becoming More Observant

» Memory Improvement Techniques: Visualization, Sentences, Drawings, Songs

» Managing Workplace Conflicts

» Defining Critical Thinking

» Surviving the Midlife Crisis

» Dealing With Negative, Draining People

» The Importance of Knowledge

» Math Learning Disability

» Psychology VS Psychiatry: What's the Difference?

» The Psychology Behind Addictions

» Recognizing Eating Disorders

» Seasonal Affective Disorder Overview

» Personality Disorders

» Theories on Dreams

» Using Reverse Psychology Effectively

» Using Psychology in Your Daily Life

» How to Become a Psychologist

» Common Psychological Disorders in Children

» Can Maladaptive Daydreaming Be Treated?

» Self-Esteem Activities

» Recognizing Suicidal Behavior

» Self Healing Techniques

» Why Do People Procrastinate?

» Arguing Intelligently

» How to Stop Daydreaming

» Overcoming Inferiority Complex

» How to Stop Swearing

» Transcranial Stimulation

» Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Mood

» Antisocial Personality Disorder

» Psychology of Impulse Shopping

» Disadvantages of Being a People Pleaser

» Short Man Syndrome Explained

» Characteristics of a Sociopath

» Dealing With a Micromanaging Boss

» Psychology of Sarcasm Dealing With Sarcastic People

» Dealing With Narcissism

» Effects of Weather on Human Emotions

» Overcoming Feelings of Guilt

» Fear of the Dentist Phobia

» Helping Teens Succeed Academically

» Psychological Mind Tricks

» What Is Depressive Realism?

» Addictive Personality Disorder

» What Is Bedlam Cube and How to Use It?

» Can Dreams Predict the Future?

» Dealing With Control Freaks

» Letting Go of Taking Things Too Personally

» How to Calm Yourself Down

» The Importance of Self Evaluation