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» New Research Reveals Secrets of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

» How Sane Are Americans?

» Look After Your Teeth And They Will Help Look After You in Life

» You Are How You Sleep? Well, Within Reason...

» Why Does Music Make Us Feel So Good?

» The Benefits and Drawbacks of Drinking Fruit Juice

» Drive Tired and You Could Go to Sleep For Good

» Home Remedies for Head Congestion

» Side Effects of Expectorants

» The Color of a Medicine May Determine Whether You Keep Taking It

» Will You Recognize Yourself in Ten Years?

» 'Social Snacking' Facebook Users Update Their Status to Feel Less Lonely

» Your Heart Health May Depend on How Stressed You Think You Are

» New Risk Factor for PTSD Worrying

» Could Thinking of Abraham Lincoln Help You to Make Wiser Food Choices?

» What Does Pancreatic Cancer Fear Most The Thunder God Vine or a 15-Year-Old Boy?

» How Cyborg Snowboarding Lessons Might Help Rehabilitation Therapists

» Shorter Hospital Stays Seem to Be Working

» Musicians Aren't Just Playing a Duet, They're Synchronizing Brains

» A Simple Sitting-Standing Test Can Assess Your Mortality Risk

» How to Keep From Giving Your Flu to Others

» Does Being 'Spiritual But Not Religious' Make People More Prone to Mental Problems?

» When Your Phone Knows More About How You're Feeling Than You Do

» To Be Less Sensitive to Pain, Sleep Longer

» Americans' Commuting Habits Are Making Them Obese

» Inflammatory Brain Chemical Linked to Suicide

» If You Can't Remember What You Were Doing a Few Minutes Ago, You Might Have Been Watching Porn

» Fibromyalgia Difficult to Diagnose, Difficult to Treat

» Treating Gum Disease May Improve Your Sex Life...

» Kids With TVs in Their Bedrooms Twice as Likely to Become Obese

» Is IQ a Myth?

» Want to Improve Your Creativity? Take a Hike

» The Single Most Essential Thing in Our Lives

» Amoxicillin No Better Than a Placebo at Treating Respiratory Infections

» Could Research on Astronauts Lead to Promising Treatments for Aging?

» For Some Diabetics, Diet and Exercise Are the Best Treatment

» Tip for Winter Nostalgia Can Make You Feel Warmer

» Can High Self-Esteem Help to Keep You Well?

» Dopamine Receptors Block PTSD in Rats

» High-Tech Ideas Come to Medicine and Improve It

» Can Women Tell That a Man Is a Cheater Just From a Photo of Him?

» Light at Night May Be Making You Depressed

» Mean People Know How to Hide Their Dark Traits Using Adornment

» Why Massages Feel Good

» Feeling Sad? Avoid the Stock Market

» A Drug for WHAT May Halt or Reverse Alzheimer's Disease?

» See If You Can Read This Article Without Yawning

» The More Facebook Friends You Have, the More Stressed Out You May Be

» Swearing and the Brain

» Seven Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

» Americans' 'Ideal Weight' Is 11 Pounds Heavier Than It Was 20 Years Ago

» Latest Research: Drink As Much Coffee As You Like

» The Sleep Disorder That Often Goes Undiagnosed Narcolepsy

» Relationships Are Good for Your Health... No, Wait... They're Bad for It

» Is Genetic Testing Worth It? What Can You Learn From It?

» How Older People Describe Other Older People Affects Their Healing

» The Gene That Causes Obesity May Protect Us From Depression

» Birth Control Pills Without a Prescription?

» Do Anti-Aging Beauty Products Really Work?

» Energy Drinks Are They Harming Our Health?

» How Hearing Loss May Affect Dementia

» Singing, Dancing and Drumming Really Do Get You High

» Signs of Aging May Also Be Signs of Heart Disease

» Being Neurotic and Conscientious May Reduce Inflammation

» The Biggest Factor Driving Health Care Costs Up Is... New Doctors

» Lack of Sleep Boosts Calorie Intake

» When You Find the Meaning of Life, This Is Where It'll Be Stored in Your Brain

» This Is Your Brain On Improvisation

» Sugary Soft Drinks Worsen Osteoarthritis in Men

» Is Meditation Better at Preventing Colds and Flu Than Vitamins?

» Medication Errors Affect Your Pets, Too

» Jogging in the Park May Be More Effective... Because It's Green

» Another Suspected Cause of Over-65 Memory Loss Your Medications

» Non-Addictive Painkiller Discovered Not by Big Pharma But by a Teenager

» What Would Your 'Perfect Day' Look Like?

» Meditation Calms Your Emotions Even When You're Not Meditating

» Can We Smell Human Emotions?

» High Blood Pressure More Likely to Go Undiagnosed in Young Adults

» Does Candy Turn Kids Violent?

» The Hormone That May Keep Married Men Faithful

» Finding a Doctor Which Doctors Do Other Doctors Trust?

» A Typeface That Helps Dyslexics Read

» Your Response to Placebos May Be Genetic

» Would You Recognize the Signs of a Stroke?

» What It Takes to Be 'The Happiest Man in the World'

» The Smell of Bread Baking Makes Us Kinder

» Take Your Eyes on an Infinity Vacation

» Some Brains React to Math the Same Way They Do to Pain

» Do Our Bodies See the Future Before We Do?

» Another Way That Exercise Improves Our Brains Testosterone

» Possible Link Between Drinking Alcohol and Breast Cancer

» Has the Flu Been Linked to Diabetes and Heart Attack?

» Worst Women's News of the Year: Makeup May Cause Early Menopause

» Want to Create a Positive First Impression? Shake On It

» Both Boys and Girls Are Entering Puberty Earlier

» Putting Your Kids to Bed Earlier May Improve Their Coping Skills

» The New 'House Calls' Doctors Stay in Touch via Smartphone

» Non-Stick Cookware Chemical Linked to Cardiovascular Disease

» Your Body Clock: Is There a 'Right Time of Day' to Do Things?

» Finding Your Car in a Parking Lot Men vs. Women

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