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Articles by Mark Goddard

» How to Cope With Poverty

» Are You in a Toxic Friendship? The Warning Signs Your Friend Is Ruining Your Life!

» The Spotlight Delusion: The Feeling That Everyone Is Watching You

» Why Suffering Exists and How You Can Grow From It

» The Art of Civilized Conversation

» How to Have a Peaceful Divorce

» The Origins of Modern Psychology

» Nature or Nurture?

» Are You in a Co-Dependent Relationship?

» Why Are Fantasists a Thing? Do They Know They're Fantasists?

» Feminism, Female Self-Assertion and Chaucer's Wife of Bath

» The Nature of Aggression

» The Nature of Addiction

» How to Keep Love Alive in a Relationship

» Oscar Wilde and the Value of Suffering

» How to Be More Self-Reliant

» Why You Should Read Difficult Books

» The Melancholic Personality Type: Definition, Subtypes and Treatments

» Preventing Children From Ruining Your Relationship

» How to Reinvent Yourself and Change Your Life

» Coming Through Life's Traumas

» How to Stand Up for Yourself

» Living With Alcoholism

» The Nature of Depression: Symptoms, Types and Psychological Theories

» What Is Existential Psychotherapy?

» The Need to Grieve

» Are You Highly Sensitive? Traits of Highly Sensitive People

» The Psychological Defense Mechanisms

» The Different Personality Types

» Are You Dating a Narcissist?

» Being Your Own Person

» The Mystery of Consciousness

» What Is Adulthood? How to Be a Mature Adult

» The Traits Successful People Have in Common

» Aldous Huxley and Self-Realization

» Charming Personality The Traits of Charming People

» Do You Have 'Victim Mentality'? Here's How to Overcome It

» Coping With Bad Days

» The Art of Small Talk

» Are You Dating a Psychopath?

» How to Avoid Being Boring

» The Different Forms of Intelligence

» The Avoidant Personality Disorder

» How to Increase Your Healthy Lifespan

» Simple Self-Love Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself

» Healthy Ageing The Relationship Between Ageing and Depression

» Assertiveness Techniques Ways to Increase Your Assertiveness

» Making Friends in Middle and Later Life

» Coping With Paranoid People

» Loving an Addict

» The Need to Balance Work With Fun and Play

» Dealing With Passive-Aggressive People

» The Danger of Seeking Perfection in Relationships

» Coping With Your Partner's Family

» Coping With Your Parents' Divorce

» Anger Management Techniques: Does Modern Life Make You Angry?

» Nervous Breakdown Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

» What Is Depersonalization?

» The Freudian Case Studies

» Can a Relationship Survive an Affair?

» What Is a Midlife Crisis?

» The Psychological Challenges of Returning to Education as an Adult

» The Poet as Healer for a Mentally-Ill World

» Psychological Growth: Buddhism and Psychoanalysis

» The Psychology of Humor What Makes Something Funny?

» The Birth of the Modern Mind

» How Individualism Affects Society and Your Mental Health

» Anger Management: Understanding and Controlling Anger

» The Human Need for Meaning

» An Introduction to Sigmund Freud

» The Importance of Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

» Mythology What Purpose Do Myths Serve in Society and Culture?

» What Is Denial? The Good and Bad of this Defense Mechanism

» Are You a Realist? What Is Realism?

» The Six Traits of a Dysfunctional Family

» The Power of Suggestion

» How School Impacts a Child's Mental Health What Makes a Good School?

» Coping With Change Keys to Handling Life's Transitions

» What Does It Mean to Be Mentally Healthy?

» Deciding Whether to Have Children