Acne at Specific Stages of Life

Acne, the skin disorder that ruins the skin appearance is caused mainly due to alterations in hormone levels. In the life of a human being great degree of hormonal changes takes place during teenage which the internal body organization of the kids get transformed into adults and start to exhibit sex specific characters. In women, yet there two other stages that show drastic changes in hormonal levels they include pregnancy and menopause. Hence, it is common to have acne at these stages. Following is the discussion on how hormonal changes influence the occurrence of acne at specific stages of life.

Acne in Teenage Life

Teenage is the age which involves great number of changes like appearance of mustaches in boys, onset of voice maturity and breast growth in girls. These changes are caused by changing hormonal levels, major cause for teenage acne. Acne greatly hurts teenagers as they love to have a clean skin free of any marks. In an effort to enhance the beauty of their skin, especially, girls use makeup to hide any marks that are present on the skin. This increases the severity of the acne problem further, as makeup blocks the skin pores, root cause for acne. Acne in teenage occurs more severely on face and at the back. It is suggested to use some of the home remedies to cure acne than drugs as teenage acne is going to be your partner for a quite a good amount of time.

Acne in Adults

After the teenage next set of hormonal changes occur in both men and women in the age of 25 to 30 years. A great imbalance in hormonal secretions is observed during this stage of life. In some, the first incidence of acne is observed at this age as opposed to the teenage. Common causes of adult acne are use of birth control pills in women, stress to attain a status in the society, intake of lithium based drugs or anti-tuberculosis medicines, hormonal changes imposed by pregnancy may extend for a longer period in some women. Acne at this stage of life should not be neglected and cured immediately.

Acne During Pregnancy and Menopause in Women

Pregnancy brings about great change in the level of female sex hormones so as to offer support to new life. Changes are observed in the secretion of estrogen and progesterone that ultimately alter the secretion of androgens. This imbalance in hormone secretions results in acne around the mouth, shoulders and also at the back. Another irritating skin disorder observed during pregnancy is hyper pigmentation which is confused for acne. Generally, pregnancy associated acne gets cured automatically after giving birth to the child and as the hormones revert back to normal levels. It is suggested to not use any oral medications at the time pregnancy to cure acne as it causes serious side effects for the foetus. However, you can use topical creams that lack hazardous chemicals capable of piercing into the skin layers. Another stage in the life of women during which hormonal stages are seen is the menopause stage characterized by stopping of the menstrual cycle. This stage is also characterized by acne that is much similar to adult acne.

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