Goal Setting and Your Subconscious Mind

If you want to succeed in life you must set your goals, make a plan, follow it and stay concentrated on it. It is very important to concentrate on your plan. You really have to, because if you don’t, you will lose sight of your goal, you will forget about your plan and everything else will fall apart. Why? Because when you lose your concentration on the goal you are telling your subconscious mind that the goal is no longer important. So, your subconscious mind stops working on making your particular goal a reality.

Perhaps you may need to understand that you make things happen because you want them to. Your attitude plays a big role in conditioning your mind to do things in which you think are your goals. If you have a positive attitude your subconscious mind will go that way too. By being in rapport with your subconscious mind, achieving your goals will be easier. You tell yourself that you feel this way or that way; these same thoughts will enter your subconscious mind. So, always make it a conscious effort to come up with more positive thoughts.

Goal setting is just the beginning. Careful planning must follow to get anything complicated accomplished. Stay focused on your goals by going through with your plans. Just make sure your goals are reasonable enough for you to achieve. Make your plan a two step process so you can review and make necessary changes if necessary. This will give you a clear vision of what it is you want accomplished and eventually you will succeed.

It would be good to point out that there are times you just need to double check yourself and if you are on the right track of your plan. Your subconscious may be affected by negative feelings because you feel them inside you. If you allow distractions to affect you, your subconscious mind gets affected. It might make you feel frustrated and give up on your goal. So, it is important to really stay focused no matter hard it can be.

So, how do you get your mind to listen? The answer is quite simple. By being persistent and staying committed, and thinking of your goals. Be ready to look for opportunities and welcome change. Make sure you have set realistic goals; start small and acknowledge and celebrate your little successes constantly. Reward yourself of your accomplishments.

Finally, try praising your subconscious by giving positive affirmations like “I can do this” or “I can have this”. This will really make wonders for you to start achieving your goals in no time at all. Learning to deal with your subconscious mind is a good way to live a successful, fruitful and happy life.

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  1. Kory Reply
    June 15, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    I'm going to try using these things today…

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