Relief for Neck and Shoulder Tension

If you suffer from neck and shoulder tension, then you’ll know that it can be a very painful and energy draining experience. There’s a possibility that you’re putting strain on other parts of your body in order to get away from the pain. Most people sitting at their desks for long periods every day suffer this kind of tension. So it’s very important to avoid getting aches in these areas of your body by doing some tension relieving exercises.

Sit straight back on a chair or stand upright with your feet a slightly apart and knees slightly bent. Relax your shoulders and your body, keeping tummy in and back straight.

Extend your neck in upward position carefully and slowly letting your chin down until it touches your chest and letting your jaw to rest and droop freely. Relax your shoulders at the same time try to hold them a little backward.

Now, move your head carefully and slowly toward the right, keeping your chin down – until your nose is parallel with the middle of your right shoulder.

While you hold this position – look over your shoulder as far as you can try to stretch your neck even more. Hold this position to a count of 5.

Make your neck stretch as much as likely, at this time move your chin back into the center position.

This exercise can be applied in standing or sitting position, whichever you feel is the most comfortable for you. It will help loosen the muscles in the neck and shoulders. It stretches the spine, adding flexibility to the joints and helping prevent tension in the neck and between the shoulder blades.

You can adjust your posture to reduce stress and fatigue and help increase circulation. Try to adjust your sitting positions throughout the day. When taking calls you can sit in a reclined position, a level seat position during meetings and a slightly forward tilt position when facing the computer. Avoid leaning forward with your body weight on the armchair to lessen the pressure on your neck and shoulder. Take a break, walk around and do some other activities to relax your neck and shoulder.

Acupressure helps the usual energy stream throughout the head into the neck and shoulders to help in curing injured tissues. It reduces pain and increases muscle function. It also helps decrease stress and inflammation along the neck and shoulder. Neck wraps are also recommended to relieve tension on the neck and shoulder.

There are the usual over the counter products that also help like aspirins, hot balms and ointments. A good massage is also good to relieve tension. Also remember to take a good long rest if you feel the tension on your neck and shoulder.

If you can, stay away from strenuous sports activities that have to do with the neck and shoulder. If you feel the tension on your neck and shoulder becomes too uncomfortable for you, then it is time to seek a good medical advice from your doctor to prevent further complications.

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  1. Patricia Najhawan Reply
    March 13, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I have severe pain in the muscle that goes neck to head (in the back) as well as a knot in my trapezius muscle on the left side. Do you have any exercises for this… it is severe.

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