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Learn the Symptoms of Congested Heart Failure

By Rick Missimer | Heart Disease | Rating:

Congested heart failure is a modern day killer affecting more than 5 million Americans. It doesnít usually mean that the heart has failed, but it implies that the heart isnít functioning properly. Itís responsible for keeping many sufferers bed-ridden, and for disrupting their day to day life. Human life is the worst case scenario one can experience due to congested heart failure.

Congested heart failure is a condition wherein the heart is unable to supply blood to the lungs and body tissues. It can affect the right, left or both sides of the heart. Elderly people are more prone towards this disease.

High blood pressure, diabetes, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, valvular problems are amongst the most common causes of congested heart failure.

Letís have a look at some of the symptoms of congested heart failure.

Difficulty in Breathing and Chest Pain

Feeling short of breath is one amongst the most common symptom. As a matter of fact, difficulty in breathing and chest pain are the most recognizable symptom for congested heart failure. One may experience this difficulty while resting or sleeping as well.


During such situation, the heart is unable to supply blood properly to all body parts forcing the blood to be passed from other body parts like arms and legs to meet the body supply needs. This can lead to quick tiredness. Climbing stairs or walking some distances can leave one gasping for air.

Irregular Heartbeat

One may experience high heartbeat during this period as the heart may speed up to make up to the lack of blood supply.

Weight Gain

There is a possibility that the fluids may built up within the body resulting into instant weight gain.


Constant coughing is another symptom for congested heart failure. The building fluid is left with no place to go which tries to vacate the fluid in the form of coughs.


The extra stress on the heart and body can cause dizziness amongst some individuals, especially those who have weak immune system. One can also experience frequent fainting episodes due to lack of strength and excess pressure on the heart and body.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is another symptom one can experience with congested heart failure.

Other Symptoms

Blue or pale skin


Frequent changes in blood pressure

Abdominal swelling

Swollen legs



Fluid building in the stomach

Lack of appetite

Nearly 550,000 cases of congested heart failure are reported almost every year. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and fast paced life, these numbers are likely to show an upward trend in the years to come.

Congested heart failure can affect many body organs. Individuals who experience such symptoms should consult the doctor immediately. Even mild symptoms should not be left unreported as there is always a fear of risking oneís life.

The treatment procedures have seen great improvement in the last few years due to increase in the number of people facing this problem. As a precautionary measure one should bring some healthy changes in their lifestyle to eradicate the cause of congested heart failure.

Rick Missimer

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    This article is very informative, could possibley help to save your own. Life.
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    I'm having all the above symptoms
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    Thank you so much you've helped me so much and I have all the symptom and signs, now I'll make time to see my doctor.