Sinusitis and Its Homeopathic Management

Sinusitis which is characterized by headache, blocked nose, discharge from nose, pain in the eyes and more is seen in a great number of people. Sinusitis develops due to a viral infection of the sinuses. Viral infections generally start as cold and slowly make their way into sinuses resulting in the development of sinusitis. Some other people develop sinusitis as a result of allergic reactions. Whatever could be the reason, it is very tough to bear sinusitis and the patient feels to keep his head off some time so as to obtain relief from the soaring pain.

Homeopathy is found to give relief very easily for sinusitis. Unlike other types of medicines, homeopathic medicines are based on the symptoms of the patient. Homeopathic medicines are extremely safe as they are made of plant or animal extracts and give relief to even more stubborn diseases. These medicines are known to improve the human immune system and thereby eliminate the disease symptoms.

While prescribing homeopathic medicine for any disease, it is essential to take the complete medical history of the person. Following are some homeopathic medicines that help in the treatment of sinusitis.

• Arsenicum: If you have soaring pain in sinuses then arsenicum is the best remedy. The pain will be more severe upon exposure to light or big sounds. Even though you are thirsty you love to have small sips of water. Vomiting and nausea may also accompany. Arsenicum helps to give relief from all of these symptoms.

• Belladonna: This is the best medicine if you have the following symptoms. Heavy nose and soaring forehead that worsens when bent forward, when lying down flat and even with the movement of eyes. All of these symptoms are intermittent like they may disappear and reappear after sometime with more intensity. You might feel irritated at the sight of light and the face will have a flushed appearance.

• Hepar sulfur: Individuals with the following symptoms are right candidates for this medicine. Yellow nose discharge, soaring nostrils, throbbing headache that intensifies even with a slightest move of the head, sensitivity to cold that increases the extent of nasal discharge and sensitive scalp. The person might feel relieved with a tight bandage around the head.

• Kali bichromicum: Symptoms of sinusitis that can be relieved with this medicine include thick nasal discharge, pain in the forehead, sensitivity to light, severe pain in the root of the nose that generally eases with the application of pressure at that point, nausea and vomiting.

• Mercuric: This is the best remedy for people with greenish nasal discharge that is hard to pass and increases with severe cold or hot conditions, excessive salivation and sensitivity to touch and light.

• Pulsatilla: Individuals with the following symptoms obtain relief by using pulsatilla. Green or yellowish nasal discharge, throbbing headache and associated digestive disorders.

From the above, it can be seen that use of homeopathic medicines avoid the risk of using the allopathic style of treatment which involves the use of antibiotics, nasal sprays and even surgeries in worst cases.

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