How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Hyperkinetic?

Hyperkinetic disorders in dogs are characterized by severe restlessness, hyper activity, impulsiveness, and very minimal attention span. This kind of attention disorder is very much alike to a human disorder called ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Most veterinarians prefer the term hyperkinesis. This kind of attention disorder can actually affect dog’s ability to discover new behaviors. Dogs that are suffering from this disorder may find restlessness, inattention, and they can be easily distracted. The main cause of this disorder is found out to be hereditary and environmental factors.

Most dog owners are not familiar with this disorder. They tend to neglect their dog’s unusual behavior. Sometimes, they taught of it as a normal behavior of dogs. But the said condition is very rare to dogs, medication are usually stimulants, to ameliorate the effects of the disorder. Unfortunately, this issue has been haunting owners and veterinarians for years. It is very hard to determine if the dog was suffering from this kind of disorder, further extensive test should be done to diagnose the disease. Extreme hyperkinesis in dogs may result in euthanasia or mercy killing of the dogs. This may happen if the dog does not respond to any medications prescribed.

Find out if your dog has these following symptoms:

• The dog is having a hard time sitting still.

• The dog cannot catch up everyday routine activities.

• The dog cannot learn any new behavior.

• The dog is always salivating.

• The dog is always nervous and agitated.

• The dog may bite without any possible reason.

• The dog is attacking other dogs without any hesitation.

These signs can be triggered if the dog is always under stress or pressure caused by confinement or isolation to their natural environment. Dogs with hyperkinetic disorder may show different symptoms, behavior and activity. Severe cases usually do not respond to either tranquilizer or optimistic reinforcement.

Do not worry too much if your dog is just hyperactive. This trait seems to be normal in some breeds of dogs. It can also be typical in new born puppies to be hyperactive. Just a simple gesture can make them run with such excitement towards you. Some other breeds of dogs are just very fond of running in circles and jumping in all places. Dog’s enthusiasm is one of the traits that make them different to other pet animals.

Hyperkinetic dogs do not have arrest period. Hyperkinesis could be very hard to determine, that’s why some veterinarians may require a test trial. This test trial is done by giving the dog with stimulating drugs like Amphetamine and Ritalin. These drugs are also prescribed in children who are suffering from ADHD.

If your dog is just hyperactive, they can be tamed by proper training and management. Extensive daily exercise can also be very helpful for hyperactive dogs to use up excess energy. Unfortunately, there is no clear solution to this kind of problem associated with dogs. It is just primarily prevention of much bigger problem in the future.

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