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Alternatives for Botox

By Stan Tian | Beauty | Unrated

One canít defy the fact that many unsuccessful attempts have been made in the past to trap our youth in the pursuit to look better. Unfortunately most of the attempts made so far has all been in vain.

Botox had its share of highís and lowís as well. At some stage, it was pretty much a household name with almost everyone using it to defy the aging symptoms from their lives. Even the rich and the famous were not immune from the popularity of botox. However, the magic of botox failed to maintain its ground for long, with the ever growing list of side effects associated with the regular usage of botox. With the side effects being clearly evident, individuals resorted to different means to satisfy their never ending quest to look younger and better. Letís have a look at the botox alternatives available in the market.


Collagen is the substance present within us which keeps our skin tight. When our skin runs out of collagen stock, it paves way to the unwanted wrinkles. In most cases, lack of collagen is a natural process associated with aging. Skin creams with contain collagen helps to rejuvenate the skin by getting rid of the wrinkles in a natural manner.


REX is a recent introduction in the market. Although itís yet to gather momentum in the market, itís known to be an effective alternative for botox. It uses radiofrequency energy to eliminate the cause of skin frowning. The idea of operation is similar to that of botox, but it works on a completely different mechanism.

Muscle Snipping

Under this option, the frown lines present on our face is either snipped off or removed completely. There are some minor side effects associated with this surgical method, which is one amongst the prime reason why people shy away from this surgical treatment.

Conventional Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries no longer requires any kind of formal introduction. You will often hear rumors or truth about celebrities resorting to cosmetic surgeries to survive longer in their profession. There are many types of cosmetic surgeries performed these days. Face lift, eye lifts are amongst the few common oneís to name. Although these surgeries cannot complete remove the wrinkles, they can certainly reduce the signs of aging.


Restylane is a natural substance which is free from any kind of animal content. Itís basically an acid which is being used to create fullness in the skin.

With most women carving to look younger with every passing second, we are fortunate enough to have many alternatives at our disposal. In the near future, one will be able to come across many more alternatives for botox. There are many clinical studies under trail which will perhaps give rise to better alternatives in the days to come. None of the current alternatives we see in the market have been able to create worldwide interest as much as botox had managed to gain. There are many individuals out there who still prefer botox to fight the aging process.

Stan Tian

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