The Truth Behind Computer Addiction

What is computer addiction? Does anything like computer addiction exists into our society? What is it all about? What are the effects? What age groups it is targeting? The answer relies in the truth we are going to discuss in this article.

Yes, there is something like computer addiction, which occurs in our common day life. Most of the jobs involve the usage of computers these days. Almost anybody can enjoy the benefits and advantages of the Internet facilities. It is in the hands of the user how he or she wants to take it as. It can be useful or it can be ineffective. Computer addiction is regardless of the age and quality of the users that are using it. It is beyond the divisions of race, sexuality and social status. It can affect anybody, anywhere and any time of his or her age. It is usually an addiction, which is related to the fake people and visitors. People who pretend to be somebody else and they don’t want their personal identity to be known by the people are prone to these kinds of actions.

Computer addiction tends to produce in people a virtual imagination of a myth or a belief. The person who is suffering from the computer addictive syndrome tends to forget the reality; he relies on the false ideas and projections, which are being created, in his mind. He or she eventually and unfortunately, is unable to get back to the reality until somebody makes them realize that the world they are living in is unsure and unreliable.

Some people who are socially incompetent and ham-fisted are more susceptible to get addicted to the computers. The fact that they have difficulty in communicating with people makes them turn towards the Internet blogs and other websites. They are more expressive and open to their online chat friends because they know they won’t have to confront the chatting person live.

But not all the people who use computers for the daily purposes are anti-socialism or are outcasts. Access to online programming accessories is becoming less complex and demanding which is why more and more people are turning towards the imaginative world. Computer addictive personalities will suffer severe withdrawals and dejected feelings once they are detached form their environment. They would get irritable and start avoiding their friends, family, schooling, jobs and community circle. Their relationships will bind to suffer just because of the computer addiction they would be giving up.

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