Sugar Addiction – A Common Problem

People tend to get addicted to anything, which they are frequently exposed of performing or consuming. Sugar addiction evolves when a person is used to crave sugary foods such as candies, cakes and cookies. How is sugar addiction possible? Sugar consumption in the human body increases serotonin production in the brain. It has the same effect as any anti-depressant would have on the nerve control. How can you actually tell that you are sugar addicted? By simply observing if you yearn for sweet things more and more within a specific limit of time.

Sugar addiction alleviates once you consume the sugar or any diet that has high amount of glucose in it. Eating loads of sugar contents, which includes chocolates, candies, jellies, cookies, cakes and even sweet tea or coffee, can add a tremendous amount of starch in your body. Bread, pastas and snacks made from white flour which when consumed in higher and imbalanced quantities can cause various ailments to the body as well. This type of dietary routine can make you exposed to several diseases and disorders such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, digestive problems and even cancers and tumors. Consuming excessive amount of sugar can also disturb memory and concentration focus.

Sugar addiction is counted as the same in the qualitative measurements as alcohol, gambling or smoking addiction. It can relate to some emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress and phobias. The main thing about sugar addiction is the cravings you get after shorter period of time. You feel good once you are taking in sufficient amount of sugar but once the sugar level goes down, you want to eat stuff again which instead of energizing your body, makes it tired. Sweating, trembling, feeling weak and dizzy can be the possible symbols.

How can you control and stop sugar addiction for good? Determining that you are taking in a harmful thing can be a first step. Avoid taking raw sugar in any form for it would help you in staying away from the whole sugar products. Water can be a good product for the betterment of your habit. It contains all the necessary minerals and nutrients the body needs to quit sugar addiction. Drink plenty of water everyday. Take a balanced breakfast every morning; make sure you are taking proteins and vital carbohydrates in an ample amount. Fruits, vegetables, wheat, grains and rice are full of energy and nutrients; add them to your everyday diet.

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