Video Game Addiction – A Serious Issue Among Children

Videos and gaming culture that is included in today’s world is becoming more and more common. It has been becoming a significant and important part of human lifestyles. Games and play stations are generally regarded as a recreational hobby and activity for teens and kinds but gradually, we find out that more of adults are taking interest in the video games as they get a virtual life in the gaming ability. These games provide individuals with the ultimate opportunity to relax so they can isolate themselves in front of the computer or television screens. It is the best thing for young children to rely upon while they are going through some challenging modes of life.

The obsessive and neurotic use of computer and video games has become long termed, ubiquitous and prevailing, which is affecting a significant amount of world’s children population as well as adults number. This needs the verification of the awareness that people require in terms of computer and video game addiction.

These days, video game addiction is becoming so commonplace due to the fact that it has involved built-in reward system. It is engaging and appealing more and more youth towards itself for the short termed benefits it is providing. Besides being a leisure activity, video game addiction tends to satisfy the mental and emotional needs of a person. These games make people unaware of the reality they should face, the decisions they need to make for themselves and the expectations they need to fulfill in order to keep others happy. People submerge themselves in the world of fun, illusions and deceptive visions instead of living it real and live.

How do you come to know if a person is suffering from video game addiction? Determined thought of the gaming activity, tolerance to the long hours of playing, inability to control restlessness and irritability when prevented from actually playing the game, lying about the extent of involvement to a virtual game and prolongation of the activity despite the unfavorable consequences that it may bring can be the possible symptoms of the video game addiction.

The restless fact about the video game addiction and computer game addiction is that it doesn’t count any specific age group to be targeted. Everybody or anybody could be subjected to be a victim of this disorder. Parents should play vital roles in motivating their kids towards more healthy and athletic activities rather than making them addicted to the video games. Limiting the time during which the games are played can be a fruitful step towards success too.

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