Facts About Organic Cotton

Understanding about organic cotton is necessary for people who want to take benefit out of this organic cotton. This specialized cotton is grown without the use of any chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. The elimination of these harmful chemicals in growing cotton can reduce environmental damages. This method of growing cotton stresses the elimination of harmful chemicals that are invading the water ways. In this case, people can now guard the fauna and the flora presents on the earth. These harmful chemicals can reach the ocean which in return can accumulate and damage a very large part of the marine life. Actually, there are two types of organic cotton, the fair trade organic cotton and the organic cotton.

Both organic and the fair trade products are the same but the only difference is the location where it grows. Fair trade organic cotton is from developing countries all over the world. In this case, the regulation of a fair trade is implemented to safeguard the interest of many workers. This is the costliest method because it comes with price tags for workers’ wages.

A lot of people still buy organic cotton even if it is much expensive than a conventional cotton products available in the market. People do not want to take risk in using non organic cottons. Organic and non organic cottons are just the same in texture. The only difference is the healthy and secure feeling of organic cotton can give.

If you are looking for organic cotton, you have to look for an organic word on the label. Buying organic products can actually reduce the need of using pesticides that can harm the environment. Organic cotton and other products have a special mark on its label. You have to look for this label to ensure that this product is an authentic organic product. Organic farming can also help in rejuvenating the soil.

Always look for the ingredient of the cotton. If you see a product using polyester for their cotton, stay away from these cotton products. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is closely related to plastic. Polyester uses 67% of energy than actual cotton for its production.

Avoid using bleached cottons. Cottons that are bleached using chlorine is definitely bad not only to the environment but also for your own health. The use of chlorine is being linked in ozone layer depletion and certain types of cancers. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency categorized chlorine as pesticide. The use of chlorine is hazardous, so be extra careful in choosing a brand of cotton that has chlorine.

It is not so nice to use chlorine just for the purposes of making a cotton ball white. You can choose to buy cotton that is whitened by environment friendly substances such as hydrogen peroxide.

Organic cotton is needed in today’s modern world which has a lot of environmental issues such as climate change. The use of these organic cottons can help eliminate the effect of this climate change. Remember that Mother Nature has its own way to make people pay for the damages that they are doing.

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