Exercises for Rotator Cuff Injury – Speed Up Shoulder Recovery

Shoulder injury requires considerable amount of healing period. Also, if you are amongst the unfortunate individuals who have injured his/her rotator cuff, then you need to attend to the injury as soon as you can. The initial 48 hours are very crucial for speedy recovery. If you get yourself treated after 72 hours, even the best doctor would pass a comment that you should have approached him/her earlier.

The first thing that should capture your mind after the injury is the application of ice, compression and rest. Once these things are taken care off, you need to look for means to improve the supply of blood in the rotary cuff area so that it receives adequate amount of oxygen and vital nutrients required for the rehab. The best way to improve the blood supply is to apply heat. One can make use of heat lamps for this purpose.

Another effective means of dealing with rotator cuff injury is to massage the affected body area. Remember, this would be a very gentle massage to improve the blood flow within the body. Massage also helps to reduce the scar tissues.

Also, it’s important to bear certain things in mind to ensure that you do not delay the healing process. Make sure that you do not stop moving the rotator cuff. The movement should always be gentle. If you give a severe jolt, then it will only worsen the existing situation. Gentle movement will improve the passage of blood to the affected area. If there is pain associated with the gentle movement, then you need to curb the range of motion, but do not refrain from the movement completely.

Below are a list of exercises for rotator cuff injury which can be performed for a quick rehab.

External Rotations

This exercise is performed with a resistance tube connected with a door. The upper arm is held firm against the body, where the handle is held. The tube is pulled across the body away from the door.

Internal Rotations

Internal rotations are performed in a similar manner as that of external rotations. However, while performing an internal rotation, the starting point is the extended arm position. In this position, the handle is moved across the body towards the door.

Pronated Arm Raise

Take a very light dumbbell and turn your thumbs down, and then extend both your arms at 45 degree angle from your body. Make sure that you keep your arms straight all the time, and the dumbbell movement should be slow and steady, both up and down.

Face-Down Rotations

This exercise is also performed with a light weight dumbbell in hand. Come to the edge of a bed, and hold your arms over your elbows. At this position it should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Once this position is attained, lower the weight, and then raise it to the original position.

All these exercises should be performed with few repetitions depending upon your capacity. Overall, these exercises will strengthen your shoulder joints and muscles, thereby ensuring a speedy recovery.

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