Massage Oils – How to Make a Perfect Blend

Massage oils are a must to magnify the pleasurable experience of a massage session. Today, massage therapies have been formulated in a manner that they accommodate certain oils. Massage oil nourishes the skin and promotes overall wellness by absorption of the oil within the body.

In most cases, a massage oil is a combination of more than two oils. It usually includes a base oil, carrier oil and one other essential oil. A patient is given the leverage to choose the essential oil. The carrier oil is generally a vegetable oil which is stored in a sealed bottle for a long period of time. Sweet Almond oil and Grape-seed oil are the most popular carrier oils used today.

When it comes to base oil, Olive oil, Apricot, Hazelnut, Sunflower and Avocado are amongst the most popular ones. Wheat-germ oil is a great addition to any base oil because it contains vital antioxidant properties.

The aromatic oils are usually plant extracts, which are used along with the base oil. The desired concentration of this oil is 3% as too much aromatic oil can lead to skin irritation. It’s advisable to keep these oil content in a sealed container.

Each and every oil has certain healing properties in store. It’s imperative to know about these properties to avoid any kind of harm. Temporary use can worsen certain conditions.

Purchasing essential oils can be a taxing task in itself. Most of the aromatherapy oils (an essential oil) present in the market is filled with chemicals and other unwanted enhancers which are less effective in comparison to natural extracts.

While deciding on an essential oil, consider the following factors:

-Check whether the bottle is marked with therapeutic-grade.

-Check the scientific name of the plant or one can easily get fooled.

-Check if the plants are grown naturally or are wild-crafted.

-Check the reputation of the manufacturer.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the good essential oils and their properties:

Chamomile – It contains anti-inflammatory and are sedative.

Eucalyptus – It helps one deal with respiratory problems, flu and certain skin infections.

Frankincense – It helps the intellect.

Lavender – It’s a good sedative, helps to heal burns and is also a good mood enhancer.

Lemon – It works as good antiseptic, it also reduces blood pressure and is very good for the skin.

Peppermint – It helps in the digestion process and helps one combat flue.

While blending the massage oil, one needs to keep the following things in mind:

– Massage oil needs to be warm for effective blending.

– Refrain from using the same blend on all your clients. Make it a point to check with your clients about their preference.

– Ensure that you do not use mineral oils as your skin does not absorb mineral oils.

– Never use more than 3 to 4% of the essential oil in any blend.

– Refrain from blending too many oils. Keep a simple blend.

– Show your clients a sample of the oils before use. They will appreciate this fact, and enjoy the whole experience.

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