What Is Behind Coffee Withdrawal Headaches

Headaches are a common symptom associated with coffee withdrawal. As a matter of fact, this is a natural way by which our body reacts to the sudden cut back of coffee consumption. If you thought that you are the only one experiencing this issue, then you are completely wrong on this ground. One would be surprised to know that nearly 50% of the individuals who give up coffee experience headache. In some cases, individuals also experience anxiety and stress. The resulting headache can last up to nine days and can compel one to resort back to the old lifestyle.

“Coffee withdrawal headache” has been a subject matter of interest for scientists across the world for quite some time now. There are several studies under roll to evaluate the exact cause of these unwanted symptoms. These researches involve the study of blood flow and brain electrical activities during caffeine withdrawal. In one such study, subjects were offered caffeine supplement and placebos to examine their psychological state of mind. The subject’s responses were measured and evaluated for brain electrical activity. The blood flow to the brain was measured through ultrasound.

The study revealed that when caffeine consumption was stopped, there were drastic changes in the brain electrical activity and the blood flow to the brain. This certainly implied that the tests were moving in the right direction, and “coffee withdrawal headache” had a psychological bearing on our health.

EEG was used to measure the findings of this study. The subjects in the study also displayed frequent signs of fatigue when caffeine was stopped. Our body takes time to adapt to any change, which is why one might experience headache for several days.

So how does one go about dealing with coffee withdrawal headaches? One of the effective means that can do the trick for you is to drink loads of water all throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated. Another key measure over here would be to intake coffee in regular long intervals throughout the day. Dividing your coffee intake throughout the day is a great way to trick your body and get away with the coffee withdrawal headache. This plan will also ensure that you do not experience a dip in your energy level as the body will be supplied with the beverage it has been used to for a long time now.

Coffee lovers can now cherish the fact that they can enjoy their daily drink without worrying about the nasty headaches. While coffee is a drink that has loads of health benefits in store, too much of it is bad. It’s not wise to be completely dependent on coffee or else things will only get bitter and unhealthy in life. After all, too much of anything is said to be bad for your health. Also, you need to ensure that you do not rely too much on coffee for your energy supply, rather devote some time for rest and exercise for a healthy lifestyle that you can cherish for long.

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