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Alternative Treatments for Depression and Panic Attack

Depression and panic attacks are equally scary ailments. Both these ailments can be referred as a state of health, wherein a person feels completely distorted from the regular world. Not only does depression and panic attack affects an individualís mental and physical state of health, but also changes oneís outlook towards worldly things. Increased negativity surrounds a person to an extent that some individuals even attempt suicide. If both these conditions are not treated on timely basis, then they can cause disaster in oneís life.

If you are amongst the club of individuals seeking alternative treatment for depression and panic attack, then you would be glad to know that there are heaps of options at your disposal.

One of the workable solutions involves change in diet and inclusion of herbs and vitamins in oneís daily routine. Talking about depression, there have been preliminary studies that have concluded that eating apple along with milk and honey can treat depression.

Herbal oil massage on the hair is another great way to combat depression and panic attack. Itís a great idea to massage your head before heading towards the bed. This will not only offer you peace of mind, but also a good nightís sleep.

Itís in your best interest to live in a clean and safe surrounding to fight depression. Flowers are also known to brighten up oneís mood. You can plant lots of flowers in your house, indoor or outdoor based on your preference. Not only will they help you fight these ailments, but also decorate your place.

Talk therapy is a treatment which is gaining widespread popularity amongst the masses these days, especially amongst teens. Talking out things to your close associates or therapist will ease out oneís worries and also help one get rid of unwanted fears. More than often, socializing with friends and family members helps one dissolve the feeling of guilt and frustration. It also helps one melt down unwanted anger. Once these negative emotions are taken care off, depression and panic attack can be kept under check.

Laughter therapy is another great alternative treatment to deal with depression and panic attack. Some of the noticeable effects of laughter include reduction in blood pressure level, decline in production of stress hormones and greater muscle flexion. Laughter leads to the production of a hormone called endorphins, which is equivalent to a painkiller, when it comes to fighting depression.

Relaxation techniques can also be incorporated in oneís life to deal with depression and panic attack. There are many ways by which one can relax oneself and calm the mind and body. Music, meditation and morning walk are few of the most popular relaxation techniques. Besides this, one also needs to pay special attention on oneís diet to curb the existence of panic attacks. Goes without saying, regular workout will also help you a great deal in fighting depression and panic attack. Besides this, supply your body with plenty of water and have at least 8 hours of sleep on daily basis.

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