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Keeping Blood Sugar at a Healthy Level

Keeping your blood sugar level down is an important part of staying healthy and well. If you do not learn to control your blood sugar level then you can increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes and this makes it particularly crucial if you have a history of diabetes in your family. Meanwhile glucose can cause damage to your organs and arteries and can cause hyperactivity or lethargy.

Insulin is one way to control your blood sugar level, as insulin is the chemical in the body that we use to process and utilise the glucose in our body for energy. Unless you already have diabetes however you should first try to get your blood sugar levels down naturally and there are many ways to do this easily.

Simply drinking lots of water for example is one easy way to keep your blood sugar down. The reason for this is that it helps to 'flush' the body of your glucose and makes you need the toilet more. This is why you get so thirsty and need the toilet lots when you do have diabetes it is your body trying to tell you to drink up and flush your system.

Meanwhile you can similarly decrease your blood sugar easily by getting regular exercise. This should mean about half an hour daily and this will also help to improve many other areas of your health and well being.

Finally when your diet will of course also affect your glucose levels and unsurprisingly this specifically refers to the amount of glucose that you have in your diet. The more glucose you eat the more you will have in your body. This then simply means avoiding carbohydrates, sweets and cakes and particularly chocolate.

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