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Planning a First Fathers Day

By Margrit Bradley | Family | Rating:

Itís never too late to plan a good event in life. Planning for the first Fatherís Day event can be a little intimidating, but you wouldnít love to miss out on this opportunity to tell your dad, how much you love him. After all, itís a yearly event, when you get an ultimate chance to recognize your dadís contribution towards the family. Goes without saying, they deserve something special on this occasion, and you can make this day memorable for him.

As such, Fatherís Day is celebrated on different dates in various parts of the world. That being said, the basic premise is the same; to express gratitude towards your dad for all the love, affection, care and warmth he had bestowed upon you and other family members over the years. If you and your siblings are scattered in all parts of the city, why not meet up privately and surprise your dad on the Fatherís Day. After all, Fatherís Day is not a private affair, but a family event. No gift or personal messages can replace your presence on this day.

I know your father must have pampered you a lot in your life. Now, itís your chance to pamper your dad on this special event. Devote the whole 24 hours of the day looking for clue to make him feel special and wanted. Itís the day, when you may want to turn off the television, music system and other entertaining stuff that robbed loads of precious hours of your life. Pamper him with things that he enjoys a lot, whether itís the morning tea, burger treat, visiting a local pub, family outing or long drive. You can also plan an outing to a place he has been longing to visit.

Fatherís Day and home improvement go hand in hand. Clean the house first and then decorate it with balloons and other stuffs, so that the air of Fatherís Day sets into your house. Now coming to the presents, you have handful of choices to make. All you have to do is consider your dads liking and choose something which you think will make his day. It doesnít have to be an expensive gift. After all, even a gift worth a penny is priceless. Letís say that your dad is an avid book reader, your best bet over here would be to present him with a lovely book. You can surprise him by keeping the book on his shelf without his knowledge. Dads love surprises, although they might have not expressed about this as yet.

The standard gift on a Fatherís Day is a wallet. Itís not only affordable but also classy. Make sure that you handpick a wallet which has lots of empty spaces in it, so that your dad can immediately replace the existing wallet with the new one. If you have a good budget, then consider gifting your dad a priceless watch. He will remember you, whenever he happens to have a glance at the watch. Hang on... Donít forget the hugs, kisses and good wishes! :)

Margrit Bradley

Margrit Bradley is a licensed cosmetologist and hairdresser. With more than twelve years experience, Ms. Bradley furthers her education by attending classes, workshops, and beauty shows. She also loves to read and explore new information and write on interesting topics. 

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