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Health Hazards of Drinking Soda

By Christopher Jacoby | Food Drink | Rating:

No points for guessing, soda is one of the most favorite beverages out there. Itís a popular drink amongst all class and age of people. However, not many people realize that soda can invite several health complications in their lives. Since FDA has approved the sale of diet soda, you may wonder what kind of health issues you can encounter from an FDA approved product. The fact of the matter is that an occasional drink wouldnít really harm your body, but if you are an avid drinker, then you might end up inviting some problems for yourself. Letís have a look how:

The fact that soda contains carbonated water, doesnít really contribute towards anything in your body. Some experts suggest that carbonated water cannot offer the same level of hydration as regular water. Also, because of instant urination, you will virtually gain no health benefits after drinking diet soda. Soda is also rich in sugar content. An American soda contains nearly 40 grams of sugar per can.

Being loaded with empty calories makes it an ideal drink for inviting obesity in your life. The fact that there are barely any nutritional benefits linked with drinking soda leaves a person with nothing, but excess pounds and a little lighter wallet. Besides this, some suggest that soda can also lead to tooth decay because of the presence of sugar in it. If you drink diet soda that claim to be low on calorie content, you will end up being high on sodium content. Remember, too much of salt can also pose grave health risks as one has the potential to catch up with an ailment called osteoporosis.

Itís also believed that soda can give rise to caffeine dependence, especially if you are savvy to drinking soda that contains caffeine. In most cases, caffeine users find it very difficult to curb their carvings for caffeine. The body gets adapted to the drink so much that your brain waits eagerly for the next dose of caffeine. Goes without saying, excess caffeine consumption can have detrimental effects on oneís mental and physical state of health. Recent reports also suggest that drinking soda can lead to weakening of our bones. Besides this, diet soda contains artificial sweeteners. Experts reckon that artificial sweeteners included in diet soda can harm your health significantly. There is an argument that these sweeteners also make one feel hungry, thereby contributing to oneís obesity.

Preventive measures that can help:

Goes without saying, your best bet would be to find a good substitute for diet soda. Milk or water is an ideal replacement.

Since tooth decays are an apparent feature associated with excess soda consumption, you may want to brush your teeth twice a day by switching over to a stronger tooth paste.

Remember, you are not supplying your body with a health shake. Since drinking soda can deplete the calcium content in your body, you should consider a good supplement that can make up for the calcium deficit in the body.

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