Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Being a mother is very rewarding but it can also be quite overwhelming at times. This is especially true if a mother also has a job outside of the home. And let’s not forget single mothers who are responsible for every aspect of raising their children on their own. When you are a busy mom sometimes it is next to impossible to find enough hours in the day to do all of the things that are required of you. Chances are from the moment you open your eyes you are busy trying to make sure that everyone has breakfast, as everything they need for school and most importantly get to school on time. All of this while also trying to be sure that you make it your job on time. Once the school/work day is over then begins making sure the children get to their music lessons, sporting events and any other extracurricular activities they may be involved in. It is no wonder a mother often feels as though she is stretched much too thin! The good news is there are some things a busy mother can do to manage her time in a more effective way.

Hire a Nanny

If your budget allows for it then one very good suggestion is to hire a nanny to help you out for a few hours a day. In addition, you may desire a full-time nanny to either live in or spend at least eight hours a day in your home. Life is much easier if there is someone there to help out. A nanny can drive the kids to and from school, make sure that they make important appointments and even help the kids keep up with their homework on evenings that you have to work late. Some people are against the idea of having a nanny because they feel that they will not be the ones raising the children. However, this may not be the case. If you have a nanny present to help you out with your daily tasks then the time you spend with your kids may be of better quality as you will not be as stressed out as you might have been after an entirely too busy day.

Wake Up an Hour Earlier

You may be thinking this is the most ridiculous suggestion ever. You are already feeling sleep deprived and losing an hour of sleep seems impossible. But if you consider the fact that being rushed in the morning will often lend a chaotic air to the rest of your day then you might want to reconsider. Waking up and hour earlier will give you more time for yourself in the morning in order to get your bearings and gather your thoughts. If you feel more organized in the morning then the rest of your day may not feel as hectic. In addition, you can often find a few minutes to tackle those bills that are piling up because you haven’t even had time to sift through them. If nothing else then waking up an hour earlier will give you a little bit of time to sit quietly with your coffee and prepare yourself mentally for your day.

Create a Schedule for Household Chores

If you are a very busy mom then one of the things that may suffer is your housework. Sure you can designate chores to older children but if you do not have time to keep after them about their duties chances are they may slack a bit. This is just what kids do and there is not much we can do about this, aside from grounding them perpetually. If you have younger children then you are pretty much on your own as far as the housework goes, unless of course you have been blessed with a great stay at home husband or at least one who helps with the housework. If things have been getting a bit out of control due to time constraints then one thing you can do is create a schedule for tackling the chores. You may choose to designate an hour each day to cleaning a specific part of your home. If you do not have a full hour then 30 minutes will do. By focusing on one room at a time then you will begin to see a pattern develop. Try doing things like cleaning the dishes after dinner rather than letting them pile up.

Ask for Help

Never be too proud to call a family member or friend and ask for help. Most people are happy to offer assistance whenever possible and if you are really pressed for time and find yourself in a dilemma it is fine to ask for help. This does not mean that you should take advantage of anyone but from time to time everyone needs help. Maybe you even have a friend who needs to make a few extra dollars who you can pay to come in a few times a week and clean for you or tackle the laundry. If you have parents who live locally they will often be thrilled to spend a little time with their grandchildren if you need someone to sit with the kids for awhile. Remember your kids are a joy not a burden.

If you are in a bit of a pinch for time then you can bet safely that at least one other mother you know is going through the same thing. See if you can build a small network of other mothers you know, either from your job, the gym or even from the PTA. Take turns watching each others kids or supervising play dates. Maybe if the other mom’s kids go to the same school as yours you can work out a car pool. If you want a weekend to yourself then maybe your kids can have a sleep over at one of the other mom’s homes and you can do the same the following weekend, only have the kids at your home. Most of the time it is easy to create a small network of busy moms to help each other. The key is finding the time to talk to them about it!

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    I am a busy mum working full time, your article really helped!

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