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Newest Sleeping Disorder Texting While Sleeping

By Adam Sinicki | Sleep Disorders | Rating:

If you sleepwalk regularly then you may find that you have to lock your fridge to prevent yourself raiding it, and you may have even heard of people who have to hide their car keys to prevent 'sleep-driving'. It seems strange to be able to perform such complex activities in your sleep, but in that case even stranger is the ability to write and send texts in your sleep and even to have entire text conversations. Odd though it may sound, this is a real phenomenon and scores of people are reporting having this trouble.

Texting While Sleeping Causes

While it sounds far-fetched, we are actually able to carry out highly complex activities when in certain 'stages' of sleep, and texting is just one of these. While our conscious mind is away in the land of nod, our unconscious mind is sending messages and replying to texts on autopilot.

If you have this problem then it is recommended that you not use sleeping medication which can sometimes worsen this problem. One particular problem is the sleeping aid 'Ambien' which actually includes a warning of 'complex behavior' such as sleep-driving occurring.

Stress and psychological issues can also make sleep-texting more likely as they result in lighter sleep where you are more likely to be awake enough to interact with your surroundings.

Another theory is that in some cases we are actually awake when we send messages. What is happening instead is that we simply send the message without really paying attention, only to then doze back to sleep. All of us have experienced this with alarms and have turned off alarms only to go back to sleep and forget doing it, and most of us have had conversations in the early hours of the morning that we have forgotten too. Sending texts is just a natural evolution of this.

Of course the fact that we are now so familiar with texting that we can do it in a completely automated way without even being consciously aware of doing so is a sign of just how ubiquitous technology really is today and just how used we are to doing things like texting. Of course individuals and groups who send more texts on average during the day are more likely to experience this problem then.


If you struggle with sleep-texting then there are several solutions that can help you to bring the problem back under control. The obvious answer is of course to simply remove the phone from reach or to turn it off fully, which will prevent you from 'casually' picking it to text.

If you have to have your phone by you however, then it can be useful to instead just keep it on silent this way you won't hear the beep to indicate receiving a message and you won't then attempt to respond.

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki is a full time writer who spends most of his time in the coffee shops of London. Adam has a BSc in psychology and is an amateur bodybuilder with a couple of competition wins to his name. His other interests are self improvement, general health, transhumanism and brain training. As well as writing for websites and magazines, he also runs his own sites and has published several books and apps on these topics. He lives in London, England with his girlfriend and in his spare time he enjoys climbing, travelling, playing games, reading comics and eating sandwiches. Circle Adam on Google+! 

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