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How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Fitness Goals

By K.C. Dermody | Motivation | Rating:

Most of us realize that achieving our fitness goals will take a lot of hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions itís easy to get sidetracked by work or other responsibilities, and before you know it, one missed workout turns into three or four and before you know it another year may go by with dreams of that ideal physical shape gone out the window.

Even if you have the best workout and diet plan in the world, if you donít stick to it the majority of the time, youíll never reach your ultimate goal. But how do you keep yourself motivated long enough to achieve this?

Itís all in the mind

Everything begins with a thought in the mind. All that you have accomplished as well as what you hope to accomplish in the future which is what makes the mind/body connection so important. In order to achieve your fitness goals, you must believe that you can.

Studies have shown that positive reinforcement is imperative for success and staying motivated to exercise. That positive reinforcement must come from your own mind. Try banishing negative thoughts and transforming them to messages that are positive such as phrases like, "I can do it," or "My body is strong and healthy."

Picture yourself accomplishing your goal as often as possible.

Change things up

If you run the same path or exercise to the same workout video over and over, itís easy to lose motivation and become bored with exercising. Find a way to change things up by running a new route, checking out a new fitness class or trying a new exercise video. Trying a new activity can not only help break up a boring routine, but by working new muscles youíll increase the odds of achieving overall fitness.

Make sure youíre having fun Ė if you donít enjoy your workouts, itís hard to stay motivated. Find an activity you do enjoy and it wonít be difficult to get out and do it.

Keep an exercise journal

Kaiser Permanente conducted a study that found when it comes to reaching fitness goals writing down all of your physical activities increases the odds of staying motivated. Take it a step further by posting your workouts on Facebook or a fitness social networking page. Your friends will know when youíve decided to skip a day which can make the difference in the motivation to workout.

Make yourself a priority

Donít put yourself last on your list of priorities. Keep in mind that by working out youíll be giving yourself more energy to get through that busy day and take care of responsibilities. Without your health, you wonít be able to take care of others Ė putting yourself first is crucial.

K.C. Dermody

K.C. Dermody is a freelance writer, writing for YCN, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, and OMG! Yahoo as well as other web content projects, and working on a historical fiction novel based in ancient Ireland. She has a passion for travel, having traveled to over 40 U.S. states, Ireland many times, as well as other European countries, Mexico, Barbados and St. Vincent. She also has a love of history and an addiction to sports, especially the Oakland Raiders.

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