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Mitral Valve Prolapse - A Heart Condition

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Mitral Valve allows blood to flow in one direction from the atrium (upper chamber) to the ventricle (lower chamber). It is one of the four valves separating different chambers of the heart. Mitral valve causes problem if it doesn't open and close as per its functionality.

It causes blood to leak backwards into the upper chamber of the heart, leading to a 'heart murmur'. This is called as Mitral Valve Prolapse. The functioning of your heart is normal at this point of time. This does not worsen over a period of time, but is one of the main reasons for cardiac problems.

Mitral valve prolapse is very common among women although men are targeted too. It can strike in early adulthood. It is considered to be a hereditary problem. Mitral Valve Prolapse syndrome is also called as dysautonomia.

One of the main reasons which cause an increase in mitral valve prolapse syndrome is stress. The cause of stress can be due to childbirth, drastic events, and life turning experiences and day to day stress in life. Nearly 60% of the patients with MVP do not show symptoms. The other 40% does show some sign, which you should be aware of.

Some Signs and Symptoms of Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome.

  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Fatigue
  • Chest Pain
  • Racing Heart
  • Dizziness -Headaches
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Palpitation
  • Anxiety

Causes of Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome.

  • Hereditary
  • Stress
  • Caffeine
  • Stimulants
  • Sweets
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Menopause
  • Skipping Meals
  • Dehydration

Measures to be taken.

Complications in this condition are very less. Attributable to the fact, that it does not affect much of your health. But people who suffer from this condition have to take extreme care. You may have to cut down on your physical activity, have a surgery and may be put you on medications - beta blockers. You may have to follow a strict diet routine. Do not have any stimulants in your diet like coffee, tea, colas and even chocolates. Intake of sugar should come down. Have high-protein snack for afternoons. Drink as much water as you want. Fresh fruit juice is also good.

Regular exercise is good to maintain good health. Do not exert yourself. You should consult your doctor before doing any physical activity. Being aware about your condition would help you from any bacterial infection from any kind of surgery. Inform your doctors in advance about your condition, to avoid complication.

Home Care.

Cinnamon helps in reducing high cholesterol and triglycerides. These can be used in your daily diet.

Flax seed oil contributes with good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. This helps your cardiovascular system by reducing bad cholesterol including lowering blood pressure.

Hawthorn Berries helps with a clean and clear cardiovascular system. It is very good for your heart.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Sharon Crozier)
    Many people do have symptoms that can be life changing. So many publishers downplay these symptoms and tell you it's "all in your head." These include cardiologists. Please add some help for those who experience these symptoms every day.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by heartburn home remedies)
    The way you share the symptoms and cause are fabulous and definitely helps many.
  • Comment #3 (Posted by Bernae)
    Very helpful i av all these symptoms and can cope. Currently on beta blockers.
  • Comment #4 (Posted by Haley Stinson)
    Thank you so much for this information. I really appreciate this article because I wonder if I could have this complication... my mother had it and died when I was ten from this syndrome.

    With this article I can now know more about this. Again thank you so much!