An Eagle's Eye View Of Chicken Allergy

Lisa was at a birthday party of one of her dear officemates. She has not been fond of attending parties at her age, which is 23. As a child, she was not really into attending parties even of her friends, neighbors and relatives.

No, don't get it wrong. It is not that Lisa is virtually and practically not sociable. She is very friendly and very outgoing. Lisa admits that she has been afraid of attending parties, especially children's parties when she was still a kid.

Lisa has a deep dark secret. Don't get it wrong again. This girl is not a character to judge. Lisa has chicken allergy. It means she can never take in chicken meat because adverse reactions occur in her body whenever she does that.

So that explains why she was not fond of parties, especially when she was just a kid. Most children parties cater or serve fast foods and one of the most popular food served is chicken meat.

It is because more people prefer chicken meat than any other because it is considered to have less fat. . Besides, it is one of the more flexible edible meat around.

Chicken allergy

If you have the symptoms that would be described later, then, you are positive to have chicken allergy. Take note that allergy to chicken is somehow similar to allergy to other meat.

Just like there are people allergic to pork and beef, there are also people allergic to chicken meat. Some people, however, are allergic to chicken but are not allergic to chicken eggs. There are those, on the other hand, that are allergic to both.

In the United States, statistics have it that about 0.6% to 5% of overall reported food allergies annually are chicken meat allergy.

Manifestations of chicken meat allergy

Among the most common and prevalent manifestation or symptom of chicken allergy are frequent infections like ear infections and bladder infections; asthma attack; bed-wetting; eczema; skin rashes; acne; unusual fatigue; insomnia; migraine; depression and chronic disturbance in the gastrointestinal system.

Some people with chicken allergy even develop sinusitis which is somehow unusual if they don't really have the history. Hives and joint pains are also prevalent to them.

Symptoms of chicken meat allergy occur or show up after several minutes of in take. To some people, the reaction could surface in as fast as at least ten minutes, while in others it can be as slow and prolonged to take up to 24 to 48 hours.

Treatment and prevention of chicken allergy

Chicken meat contains allergens or allergy-producing substances that are called purines. These substances are mainly cited for the onset of several other diseases like gout. Gouts are characterized by the formation or onset of kidney stones.

Purines in chicken meat may lead to excessive uric acid accumulation in the body that can possibly lead to what is called kidney stones.

Thus, if chicken allergy symptoms show up, it is important to immediately consult or seek your doctor's help. That would prevent further ailments or disease from coming out.

The doctor will have to prescribe several medications to treat or help curtail chicken allergy.

The best prevention would be to avoid eating chicken meat. Allergies to substances, you should remember, is not curable but only treatable.

There are a lot of other meat that could taste better than chicken meat, right?


  1. Jeff Reply
    September 14, 2006 at 4:25 pm

    I too have a chicken/turkey meat rejective reaction. Seafood has a similar effect on me, if slightly more severe. My reaction to these meats is more on the order of 2-5 minutes. This allergy is so very rare it was thought to be only psychosomatic, until the development and implementation of the Web. Even now, after a great deal of research, I do not find more than 1% of food allergies to be that of the result of chicken meat. This percentage drops even further when those with reactions to both the meat and eggs/feathers of fowl are removed. Now we are looking at less than ten individuals worldwide that are known to be allergic. A most insightful article. Thank you. Jeff

  2. Princess Reply
    September 28, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    I too am allergic to chicken (and other poultry and fish). The reaction usually manifests in 10 to 20 minutes after consumption. I get really bad tingling and odd sensations in my feet making it difficult to walk sometimes. If I avoid chicken like the plague I'm fine.

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