Adopt S T R E S S to Fight Stress

In some way each one of us needs to do a certain amount of stress management in some way or another. Certain personalities have some natural techniques that help in stress management like humor and laughter. These are the people who have learnt the art of looking at the positive side of things in a natural manner and they do not necessarily need to make an extra effort to manage stress. Whether it is natural or learnt and acquired, stress management, however, is a part and parcel of everyday life these days.

For those who get bogged down by continuous stress there is a key mantra that can never be forgotten. The idea is to fight stress with S T R E S S.


With workloads and work pressures on the rise, we tend to sometimes demand more from our body than it can give. Late nights in office and the habit of working hard and partying hard after that often leads to a situation where we do not get enough sleep. What we do not realize is that this is a never ending spiral that we get into and overwork and lack of sleep leads to further stress. This stress reduces our capability of performing optimally and therefore leads to a situation where we need to put in more time to accomplish the same task. A minimum of eight hours of sleep everyday ensures that we are well rested to take on the challenges of the next day without feeling fatigued, tired and irritated. Sleep also rejuvenates us and enables us to take on challenges without feeling pressurized, tense or stressed.

Treat Yourself

It is important that you pamper yourself to some extent. Your duty to yourself comes first. It is also a fact that is you are stressed out you shall not be able to contribute positively to your family, environment or the society in general. So take a break and do the things you like. Indulge in something that you normally think is not justified. Go for a long ride in the car or take a weekend off and watch only comedy movies on your home theatre.


This is probably the most important of the six elements. There is nothing in the world that is worth spoiling your health for. Understand that getting worked up and getting hyper will not lead you to any solution and that you need to learn to relax. While relaxing mentally is important, so is relaxing physically. Make an appointment for a salon and go for a long Ayurvedic massage. Book yourself in a resort close to home and free yourself from the cooking drudgery for some time. Meditation can also help you relax a lot – physically and mentally.

Eat Well

Stress weakens the immune system and the body becomes susceptible to pathogens. A healthy body can fight the attack of these pathogens only if it has been nourished properly. Make sure that you don’t stop consuming a balance diet due to stress. Ensure that you have a hearty breakfast and nutritious meals irrespective of how busy you may be. Grabbing a sandwich or a burger on the way to work is definitely not the most beneficial of things for your body. Just as the quality and quantity of food that you take in important, so is the manner in which you consume it. You should have your meals in a relaxed fashion and not while driving or on the move. Making meals a ritual with family also increases familial bonding.

Symbolic Clearance of Mind

If you have had a ‘power nap’ then you would know what it feels like to feel refreshed in a jiffy. People who are capable of power naps actually free their minds of any thought for ten minutes and wake up completely rejuvenated. Even though the term implies that the person is sleeping, a power nap may not be an actual state of sleeping as we know it. Meditation is another manner in which you can train yourself to free your mind of worries. Though meditation may seem though to start with, you can master the art of freeing your mind of all thought if you practice it sincerely and diligently. It is however important to note that the benefits of meditation may become obvious over the long term and therefore dedication and faith is required to be able to see it through.

Supercharge Yourself

When there are times when you know that you need to handle something urgent you can use the power of your mind to charge yourself. All that it requires is grit and a strong will power to make it work. Look at things from a positive angle and see how you feel energized to take things head and resolve issues.

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