Are Allergy Shots for You?

Sometimes people have the occasionally runny nose or the occasional reaction to some type of allergen. The people that fit neatly into this category are good candidates for over the counter allergy medications. Often this is all they need to control their allergy.

If you don’t fit into this category, if you sneeze non-stop and feel that your health is suffering due to repeated allergy attacks, you probably need to see an allergy specialist.

What will an allergy specialist do?

On your first visit, you will fill out a general medical history report. The specialist or her nurse will ask you questions about your symptoms, the suspected causes, the frequency, and the severity. These questions will be completed as well as a complete health assessment so the doctor is familiar with your past medical history.

Once this information has been completed, your specialist will determine if you are a candidate for allergy testing that is done with skin tests. If your tests come back positive for one or more allergens or you have a significant reaction to a specific allergen, your specialist will prescribe allergy shots for you.

What do allergy shots do?

When you take allergy shots, they start with the lowest dose that your body can handle without having a full-blown allergic reaction. Gradually, the dose is increased according to how well you tolerate the shots. By increasing the strength of the allergen in the shots, you are making your body become less sensitive to the allergen. Over a period of months, your body will have become accustomed to the allergen and you will find that you are no longer allergic to that particular allergen.

Allergy shots provide long-term relief from allergies. Unlike allergy medications, shots will give you protection from allergies for years to come.

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