Symptoms of Detached Retina

What are the symptoms of detachment?

(1) Flashes of light

The earliest symptom is usually flashes of light in a particular part of the visual field.

Though the flashes of light may occur without any detachment following, and may be caused by any other reason, it is important that the retina be checked in detail.

Since it is usually the-first and often the only symptom till detachment commences, it should be taken seriously and considered as a sign of detachment until it is proved otherwise by detailed examination.

(2) Loss or cloudiness of a segment of the visual field

Often the patient mentions that a curtain descended or a veil moved from the side and the vision decreased. Usually the loss of vision in the area is absolute; in other words, nothing can be seen through it.

(3) Loss of central vision

It is rare that a detachment suddenly blocks off all vision. The central vision, with which reading or writing is done, is usually the last to go.

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