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People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome have been warned of the hazards of chocolate in their diet and how it affects their conditions. The sugar and caffeine cause the sufferer’s levels to drop too much magnifying their symptoms. Yet recent studies have suggested the old advice is unfounded and wrong.

A current study by a team at Hull York Medical School asked chronic fatigue patients to consume chocolate every day. One group was given dark chocolate with almonds. The other group was given white chocolate dyed to appear as dark chocolate. The study showed the patients consuming the chocolate were less tired and suffered less from muscle pain and weakness. The chocolate seemed to boost their levels of serotonin, which extremely low in chronic fatigue syndrome suffers.

In a separate study in Boston, chronic fatigue syndrome patients drank chocolate every day. One group was given a drink of richer chocolate higher if flavonoids. The other group was given a drink of low dose cocoa. The group with the flavonoids reported a drastic improvement. One of the members of that group was able to return to work after a six-month period of absence from their health issues.

This research is still in the early stages of discovery; it still makes a point that chocolate for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome is not affecting them negatively as previously reported in the past. Yet many doctors are still leery to advice their patients to consume chocolate until further studies can be preformed.

The studies also showed the levels of energy were raised as well as the levels of pain being reduced with the consumption of chocolate. The darker chocolate has the benefits for the patients of chronic fatigue syndrome including lowering the blood pressure, promoting blood flow, and helping to prevent the clotting of the arteries as well as adding the mental boost much lack from the disease.

While the patients feel the darker chocolate is the possible answer to the disease, they are encouraged to approach chocolate consumption carefully and gradually to avoid possible complications. Patients have reported they do not experience the foggy feeling when they consume chocolate. This is one of the many positives for the patients.

Doctors fear the consumption may lead to other health factors and risks such as heart disease and diabetes. They are recommending if a patient does consume chocolate to exercise and add a healthy diet to reduce any possible risks associated with the consumption of the chocolate. As with the consumption of any sugary food or drink, exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. This is one of the recommendations of the doctors for their patients if they consume chocolate.

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