Blood Platelet Disorders

Blood disorders are increasing every day for many people across the world. From blood platelet disorders to other blood diseases, many people do not commonly know the seriousness of the disorders.

Blood platelet disorder is the inability to make platelets that stop the clotting of the blood. People suffering from this disorder have a deficiency to produce blood platelets. This results in possible hemorrhaging from a cut whereas most people will form clots to stop the bleeding. The people have a serious disorder that can lead to life threatening situations.

There are many causes of the disorder however the major reason for the blood platelet disorder is the non-functioning of bone marrow. This may a result from the bone marrow not making the correct platelets due to a disease such as cancer or HIV. Some people suffer from the disease have symptoms including the bleeding of the skin and small dots appearing all over the skin. The individuals also bleed or bruise easily as well as blood in the stools. It is extremely important to see immediate medical attention when noticing any of these signs and symptoms.

Even with the apparent signs and symptoms, it does not always mean there is blood platelet disorder. Upon consulting the doctor, he will draw blood to verify the levels of platelet count that should be normally above 30,000. Low counts are 20,000 to 30,000. When the levels are lower, the doctor will admit the patient to the hospital for further test including a test of the bone marrow.

There are treatments for blood platelet disorders so the individuals can lead a productive life. They will have to be careful not to cut or scratch the skin to cause bleeding, yet they will still be able to lead a functioning life when taking specific care to their life styles.

It is also important to realize several medications have similar symptoms of blood platelet disorder leading to reduced blood clotting. Heart patients take medications the thin the blood to reduce their risks of heart attacks or strokes. These medications thin the blood resulting in bruising, slow blood clotting, and tearing of the skin, which are all symptoms of blood platelet disorder.

It is important to always notify your doctor when you are having complications of clotting when cut so he can run tests to verify if you have any diseases or disorders. Cancer is one disease that will also provide some of the blood clotting symptoms.

Before thinking the worse when noticing any type of bleeding, consult your doctor for thorough testing to remove doubts to possible health related issues. There have been studies that show certain foods will cause the lack of blood clotting so it could easily be the foods you are consuming that are leading to the lack of blood clotting.

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