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Anyone suffering from eye problems will tell you it complicates life. The eyes are a major sense that is taken for granted until something effects how it operates and functions. Several typical eye problems affect millions of people every day. Some of the problems are unavoidable while others could have been prevented.

The eye has a cornea that is transparent membrane on the eye. It is where the eye receives the impact of light. Next to the cornea is the iris, the colored ring on the eye. Next to the iris is the pupil where the light enters the eye for vision that dilates and contracts based on the amount of light the eye is exposed to. Behind the iris is the crystalline lens and optical disc. This region of the eye where the ability to focus takes place transferring the image to the retina.

The complex process is explained to understand how different problems affect the eye and the importance of each type of problem within the eyes. Understanding the functions of the eye allows for understanding the severity of the different problems and how some cause lasting damage.

Wounds to the eye such as a hit can damage the cornea resulting in blood filling the area. The blood-filled area may become damaged and needs immediate medical attention to determine the severity of the injury. When experiencing a wound to the eye, keep the eye shut and covered while seeking medical treatment.

Conjunctivitis or pink eye is an infection in the eye resulting with an itchy sensation with redness and possible discharge from the eye. Clean the eye with boiled water and tissue paper thrown away since pink eye is very contagious. Consult medical assistance for advanced treatment to treat effectively.

Glaucoma results from high pressure inside the eye generally in adults. There are two types of glaucoma, acute with sudden strong pain in the eyes, and chronic with a slowly progress loss of sight. Acute glaucoma can be treated with surgery to reduce the pressure within the eye whereas chronic glaucoma generally results in blindness when left untreated.

Sties are swelling in the shape of pimples at the edges of the eyelids and are infectious. Apply warm water on a clean cloth to remove any possible material causing the stie. Wash your hands after touching the area and consult your doctor for further treatment.

Cataracts are clouds that form over the eye lens behind the pupil. They can be surgery removed when caught in time.

Black eyes are from the blood vessels near the eye that are broken. To treat black eyes, apply ice to the regions of the darkness. If the black eye hemorrhages, contact your doctor.

It is very important to maintain proper health of the eyes. Take supplements such as Vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and proteins. Have good lighting when reading or watching television to avoid eyestrain. Taking care of your vision is important. Have regular eye exams every two years.

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