What Are Colon Cancer Early Symptoms?

Colon cancer is extremely difficult to detect. It is an extremely dangerous form of cancer that can grow for many years without displaying signs or symptoms. There are some symptoms that are recognizable yet they tend to also mimic other health issues so they go easily diagnosed.

Some of the signs of colon cancer include constipation. Constipation is the body’s natural reaction the diet. Yet in the individual with colon cancer, they suffer from constipation due to the cancerous tumor obstructing the bowel regions.

Thin stools are another sign of colon cancer. The tumors cause the stools be reshaped and squeezing the stools in to smaller thinner substances versus the healthy stool. This sign is often over looked since many suffer from the thin stools as a result of a poor diet.

Blood in the stool is one of the main reasons many people seek medical attention. The cancerous tumors will bleed resulting with the blood in the stools. Depending on the location of the tumor, the blood color will vary. The darker the blood the higher in the colon the tumor is located.

Stomach cramps and bloating are signs of colon cancer since the tumors affect the flow of the stomach gases in the digestive tract. The cramps will be very painful signifying a medical emergency for most people.

There are also the symptoms of being full all the time that are caused by the large tumor in the colon. This leads to unexplained weight loss. Both are signs of colon cancer.

Nausea and vomiting are another aspect of colon cancer caused by the harmful gases backing up in the body from the tumors. The tumors block the digestive tract and colon presenting the harmful complications.

Anemia is caused by the bleeding tumors resulting in iron deficiency and progresses with the colon cancer. The bleeding is due to the tumors bleeding inside the colon and using excessive blood normally used in other areas of the body.

Colon cancer is one of the leading killers in many people since they have signs and symptoms but fail to associate them with colon cancer and ignore the important signs there is someone wrong with their bodies. As with most major forms of cancer, the individuals do not listen to their bodies as well as consult a doctor with their suspicions about possible colon cancer.

The listed signs and symptoms are also associated with other illnesses in life, yet with a chronic and continuous case of any of the signs need to be checked out by a doctor. Annual checkups also help reduce the risks of colon cancer. Having annual checkups that include colon cancer check-ups will reduce the possibilities of the cancer becoming a serious issue if diagnosed in the early stages. Preventive measures are always the best for any major illness or cancer prevention.

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