Low White Blood Cell Count

White blood cell is a crucial aspect in the immune system. The white blood cells kind harmful substances in the blood and help to receive messages about the harmful substances in the blood system. To kill off infections the white blood cells are used in the immune system. White blood cells are produced in the bone marrow but unlike other blood cells, they need to mature to be effective. There are five types of and steps involved in the life process of the white blood cells, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils.

White blood cells maintain the functions of the body against infections. Leukopenia is the disorder where the number of white blood cells are decrease resulting in the body’s inability to fight infections and making the entire body subject to many types of infections.

There are several reasons for white blood cell disorders including malaria, influenza, typhus, dengue, and Rickettsial. If any of the infections are not cured for a long period of time, they will weaken the white blood cells ability to fight infections and possibly result in death.

Neutrophils and lymphocytes are two types of white blood cell disorders causing the disorders. Neutrophils are the type of white blood cells that fight against bacteria and destroy the harmful substances in the blood stream. Any decrease of the neutrophils blood cells can lead to serious illnesses. The cells live about eight hours in the system so it is vital they are regenerated and reproduced in the blood system for healthy immunity. Increased white blood cells then results with the lack of the neutrophils cells causing an abnormal level of white blood cells in the blood system. Thus recreating an imbalance and leading to blood disorders.

With the low white blood cells count anemia, bleeding and infections result and create other major disorders. Patients with anemia will bleed long after surgery prolonging their time of recovery. This is the leading cause of internal bleeding that is fatal in most patients. Let untreated or diagnosed, it leads to death.

The white blood cells play a major role in the immunity of the body. Without the proper levels, individuals are unable to combat even a simple cold or fever since they lack the ability to fight any infection or virus.

Patients that are being treated for certain types of cancer lack the crucial white blood cells and have to avoid anyone with a cold or that has been sick. They will get severely sick and possible die when exposed to any kind of illness or disease. As for other people with low white blood cell count disorders, they also face the possibilities of death when exposed to even the common household cold.

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