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Many parents decide that their son or daughter must play sports, have a common question: Which sport is better for them? There is a sport for every age, for each personality type and every need you have for children. For example, a shy kid is expected to do well in a team sport because it will help the kid to socialize. A lazy boy is expected to do well in an individual sport as it would require effort. And so on.

The choice of a sport is a task that should be by a discussion with the child and its parents. It is necessary, above all, to respect their wishes and interests and never force them to do something they dislike. The parents can determine the time available for sport, and if they can match their needs on an economic front.

Children from three to five years of age

They should not exercise for more than three to four hours per week. It is advisable that you consult your pediatrician about the kind of sport, if the child suffers from respiratory problems, or any other physical problems. At these ages, the best sport for children would be swimming. In this sport, the child can work on all the important aspects of their development, such as coordination, strength, discipline, and the relationship between effort and result.

Children from five to seven years of age

Children of such age groups, it is important that the child is engaged in many different sports so that they can then freely choose which one they like. The sports that are played in such age groups can provide a large base of different capacities. Ideally, a combination of a collective and individual sport would best suit the development of the child. The individual sport could be one of swimming, gymnastics or sports martial arts (Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo), and groups could be football, basketball, handball, volleyball and others.

Children eight and nine years of age

Children of such age groups, parents are normally confused whether their child needs a sport just for fun or as a competitive sport. Everything will depend on the views of the child, although the general view is that the parents who must prevail. They must decide whether they are willing to sacrifice for competitive sport because it requires a greater involvement. School competitions require maximum assistance and support, and feeding schedules, etc.

To choose the most suitable sport for children, you must be aware of their tastes, their physical abilities, potential, character and needs.

1) For children coordinated team sports can be a good option, as are volleyball, basketball, football, handball.

2) Children who suffer from nervousness or restlessness, or lack concentration, such children should be motivated, rather than opting for the athletics and swimming.

3) Children who are perfectionists with self capacity it is best suggest to take part in individual sports like gymnastics sports, children’s tennis, or martial arts.

4) Children who are strong and fit may choose to risk injury sports such as boxing and rugby.

5) For children who are very agile, skiing on snow or water may be a good choice.

In all cases, it is best to seek the guidance of the teacher, before taking any decision. He can better assess what is the ideal sport for each child.

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