Finding Love at Workplace

The office is a place where we can expect to find a mélange of personalities. Inevitably, it is also a great place to find love. Dating a co-worker is not the same as dating someone who works somewhere else. Remember that your boyfriend or girlfriend may be your boss in the workplace or he may be someone who works in the same project as you and thus is around you all the time. What should you bear in mind while dating a co-worker?

• First, familiarize yourself with the companies dating policies. See whether your company has any restrictions in relationships among colleagues. If your company has no such restrictions, then you are free to date the person of your choice.

• Try your best not to get involved with someone whom you report to. Your personal relationship may serve to complicate your working relationship. For instance, if your boyfriend scolds you on account of some issue at work, you are bound to remain annoyed at home too. A few such occurrences tend to create strain in a relationship.

• Never try to date someone who is already married or has kids. No matter how great he or she may seem, the relationship is sure to create a bad impression about your character and can be disastrous for your career.

• Don’t go in for display of affection at the workplace. It is bound to create embarrassment for both you and your colleagues. Most companies monitor e-mails, so think twice before sending anything suggestive over mail. You certainly wouldn’t want your boss reading it!

• Be prepared for gossip. People love to talk, not to work so once someone catches you and your partner together at a movie or coffee house, there is bound to be speculation about your relationship. Take office gossip in your stride instead of getting upset or put off by it.

• Mingle with others at the workplace. Just because you are going out together does not mean that you should be together all the time. It can be boring to have to deal with someone at the workplace and then again at home. As much as possible, try and maintain your own circle of friends at work. For instance, you can have lunch with your friends instead of your partner so that he or she gets their own space.

• Keep tiffs and quarrels to yourselves. It is simply not acceptable to storm into your partner’s cubicle in the office and yell at him for not calling you last night. You will only end up looking stupid in front of your boss and colleagues.

• Before you jump into a relationship at the workplace, think about what you will do if the relationship does not work out. Remember that you will have to face each other every day as long as you both work for the same company. That means that getting over the relationship certainly won’t be easy. Will you be able to be cordial to your ex? Will you be able to simply walk past them as if nothing happened? What will you do if they start another relationship before you? Think about all this before deciding to start dating your colleague.

Dating a co-worker takes plenty of thought, courage and integrity. However, don’t let the hassles deter you, for the office is a great place to meet others and if you are lucky enough, you may be able to find your better half at the workplace.

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