Top Natural Acne Remedies

If you have issues with acne and have tried all types of creams and masks, even prescription strength ones, with little to no results then perhaps it is time to try a more natural remedy. Plus you will never have to buy an acne cream again! This article will overview some of the top available natural remedies, if you are looking for real results then you have come to the right place.

One of the best natural acne remedies is to simply dry out the affected area. Believe it or not this is the only real active function of a wide array of acne creams and the results are even better when you use a natural product to do so. This is especially true for black heads or white heads. If this is your problem attempt to apply a natural product which will dry up your skin in the affected region. Products that work vary from mud all the way to different types of foods which contain salicylic acids; this is a natural drying agent – when applied to the skin – that can be found in a wide and diverse number of products at any grocery store.

Organic facial masks are one of the best natural remedies around for acne treatment. Most natural or organic facial masks not only dry out your skin to help but they actually pull the toxins out of your pores in order to clear up your face. A few dollars for an organic mask can go a long ways toward a clear complexion. In many cases face masks can even help to lower your personal stress level which is shown to be a route cause of acne outbreaks in many people. So try a natural mask and kill a few birds with one stone.

Finally consider using vegetables and fruits as a natural remedy to clear up your acne. Although the old myth of greasy foods causing acne has since been shown to be just that, a myth, there is still quite a bit to be said from eating a healthy and balanced diet every day. Keeping your body in better physical shape greatly improves the way that it deals with toxins in the first place and can really help to reduce the number of outbreaks that you get. While it may not completely clear up the problem eating healthier does help and it puts your body in a better state where other natural acne remedies are able to be even more successful.

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