Go Green With Eco Friendly Toys

You can create awareness among children at a very young age regarding environmental protection and conservation by making an effort to ‘go green’. One of the best ways to explain the importance of nature is to buy eco friendly toys for the kids. These toys ensure a lot of fun but cause very less damage to the environment.

Eco friendly toys are environmentally safe because the materials used to create the toys are natural, biodegradable and also recyclable. For example, these toys use water-based paints which reduce chemical waste and are safer for children.

While buying these toys, you need to also take into consideration the durability and the quality of materials used. Avoid toys with sharp edges and lot of assembled parts which can fall off especially if they are small. For example, dolls with button eyes or any glass pieces that are used for decoration (in the clothing). This is very important because young children tend to put a lot of objects in their mouth especially when their teeth start growing.

Avoid lead or formaldehyde based toys as these ingredients are not good for the health of the kids. In addition, imported toys should be avoided as the packaging and delivering process is very inefficient causing a lot of pollution to the environment. It is a very good idea to buy toys which are washable as they can be cleaned or disinfected from time to time.

Rubber wood toys are more sustainable than regular wood toys. They are environmental friendly also. The toy dress should be made of organic wool or cotton as the fibres do not create any pollution leading to greenhouse effect or global warming.

Another great choice for eco-friendly material which is widely used to make toys is bamboo. This is a type of grass which grows as tall as a tree in just a time period of three years. This has been used for many centuries in China for building furniture, house and boats. Bamboo toys are perfect for kids as they are very strong, light, flexible and safe.

Try and recycle materials as far as possible so that the amount of waste you throw out is reduced. While you present gifts, wrap it up with recycled materials. When you open the gift, try not to tear the wrapping paper. You can preserve it for wrapping the next gift when you want to present someone and recycle the same paper.

Some of the eco-friendly toys recommended for boys are truck sets, shape and size learning pieces, wooden puzzle and train set. You can gift the girls with wooden doll, doll house, rocking horse, stuffed toys and tea set.

For babies, you can present, key rattle, organic teething toy, blanket made of organic materials and high chair. Organic teethers are made of eco-friendly cornstarch-based soft plastic and stuffed with organic cotton. Since the stuff does not contain fluff, it is not harmful for the baby. Synthetic or toxic materials are not used.

If you want to present your kid with a high-tech toy, you can use rechargeable batteries to avoid throwing waste outside. Some toys are innovatively made to use alternative sources of power.

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