Changing Your Appearance From the Inside Out

In today’s world of ‘metrosexuality’, where guys are supposed to take as much care of their appearance as women, many men have kind of lost their way. David Beckham is one such culprit with his pink nail-varnish, only rather than being lambasted he’s celebrated as a style icon. What’s going on? What happened to good old fashioned masculinity?

Many guys I know are following suit now, with moisturisers, hair straighteners, skinny jeans and filed nails. Some particularly brave guys are even wearing makeup again reminiscent of the 1980s. Now any self respecting male will sniff at the idea of joining in with all that poncey stuff, only the problem is, girls seem to like it.

I describe metrosexuality as being ‘nearly gay’, but for some reason that’s what women want from their men these days. The attraction I suppose is that these men look as though they can take care of themselves, like they’re earning enough to afford the brands and to the subconscious, like specimens of physical perfection with long silky hair who will provide sterling DNA for the broody lass’ offspring. The sad fact is that this couldn’t be further from the truth and most guys with legs thin enough to pull off skinny jeans are about as masculine and healthy as an anorexic teenage girl.

So how can you counter the trend, looking the part while retaining your machismo? How can you beat these guys at there own game and demonstrate what real grooming is? Should you fold and get yourself some powder to cover up your blemishes? Fortunately there’s another way and it’s a solution that won’t just improve your appearance but your health and your entire lifestyle too.

You see, the purpose of looking good is to convey health, confidence, vitality and those stellar genes – whether or not this might be the case. For that reason then, you would do far better to actually improve your health and hope that your appearance reflects that.

To road test this idea, next time you go to the gym don’t focus on getting six pack abs. Instead focus on improving your strength, your speed and your stamina. If you do this for a few weeks then the abs will develop of their own volition. Similarly, rather than applying moisturiser, facial scrubs and mud packs; try improving your diet and spending more time in the sun. By cutting out fatty foods and eating more fruit and veg’ you’ll do away with spots (although bare in mind tomatoes and very acidic fruits can actually cause them) and by spending time in the sun you should start to develop a healthy tan and that surfer-boy hair.

Women can be forgiven for getting confused; they’ve never known what they want, but once you’re buff, ripped and tanned you’ll look miles better than that weedy guy with the eye shadow and skinny jeans. It’s inner vitality they’re looking for and if you think more Daniel Craig and less Orlando Bloom you can still bag the babe without looking like a ponce.

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  1. jonathan Reply
    June 23, 2011 at 11:24 am

    I loved reading this article of what I shoud but there is one thing which puzzles me… I have always worshipped the sun and loved getting as tanned as can be although men have hairy bodies but if they shave all their hair of, the male hair is such that it will grow back in no time and even thicker than before too. Females have naturally smoothed skin so they have no worries.

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