How to Make Your Friend Into Your Girlfriend

Disclaimer: these tips will only work if your friend is of the opposite sex…

Okay, now that’s out of the way we can continue on with the article. Developing a crush on a friend is a difficult thing but chances are it’s happened to everyone at one point or another. On the one hand it’s the perfect scenario – you know loads about each other, you’re used to spending lots of time in each others company and you know you like each other. On the other however it couldn’t be more fraught with difficulties, how do you get out of the dreaded ‘friend zone’?

We just mentioned the positive aspects of going from friend to lover so take advantage of those first. Pull out all the stops and be a really good friend, make sure you do lots of fun things together and try to do more of whatever it is that makes her like you. You basically just want to up the ante as a friend to start with so start treating her like a best friend – the more time you spend with her the more she’ll become attached to you and used to having you around. Everyone has at some point thought how much easier it would be if their best mate was the opposite sex – so just elevate yourself to that status and it’ll seem temptingly convenient.

You may now also want to up the sweetness factor. So maybe get the odd gift for your crush, nothing massive so as to give yourself away, but rather something small and spontaneous that reminds you of them. Another sweet thing to do is to text them to let them know if there’s something on TV that they’ll like. If you get it right demonstrating thoughtfulness and a real understanding of what they find interesting then they should be really touched by the gesture.

You should also start calling more, particularly in the evenings and mornings. Now you’re kind of edging over the friendship line and into relationship status and both parties should feel it. If they aren’t interested you should pick up on a reluctance to spend so much time with you, if this is the case then back off and move onto phase two below, at least you haven’t lost face. If however they start calling you randomly and want to spend more time together it’s time to make your move and ask them out (or less awkward would be to try and pull them in a club).

If your attempts don’t seem to be working then you have a trickier case on your hands and it’s time to pull back in case you start to look needy or desperate. Phase two then, for code red situations, is to now withdraw all your attentions. Become aloof and start flirting with other girls etc. After so much time spent together your friend should start to miss you and it’s only natural to want what you can’t have. Remember – all’s fair in love and war, and very soon they’ll start pining after you. You’ve slowly wriggled your way into her psyche, then teased her and flirted with other women until she can’t stand it… ah, young love.

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