Natural Alternatives to Anxiety Medication

Many hundreds, even thousands of years ago our ancestors relied on the flight or fight response to survive. This innate physiological process occurs when we are presented with a life threatening situation and a huge rush of adrenaline gives us the motivation to either run from that threat or stand and fight it.

Unfortunately for a lot of us that innate response is still ingrained into our brains and because we are rarely faced with such situations our brains have started interpreting the wrong things as potentially life threatening. For some of us that could be public speaking or transport, for others it could be birds or worries about our health. Whatever is triggering our anxiety, many doctors today choose to prescribe medication as a means of controlling anxiety symptoms.

Of course, many doctors know that these medications don’t treat the root cause of anxiety, only treating the symptoms and possibly causing unwanted side effects. These are the doctors that know anxiety is best treated with therapy, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy methods. What they often don’t recommend are the natural remedies for anxiety that can be used alongside therapy, to ease the everyday symptoms that sufferers still have to deal with.

For a quick fix for persistent, high level anxiety, try exercise. This doesn’t have to be three hours of back breaking aerobics or running 10 miles, it could even be something as relaxing as an hour of yoga or walking round the block. When we experience this rush of adrenaline our bodies expect us to use it up by either fighting, or running. If we don’t use it then it stays in our bodies, making us breathe faster (in anticipation of needing more oxygen), feel shaky, nervous, ultra alert, unable to relax and unable to concentrate.

Exercise until you feel the adrenaline has gone, and then move onto our next natural anxiety cure: a bath. Perfect for a couple of hours before bed, a bath will first raise your core body temperature and then when you get out it will drop, making you feel very relaxed indeed. Add some sandalwood, lavender and/or bergamot essential oils to your bath to get the added calming effects that they have on your central nervous system. If, on the other hand, it’s the morning and you prefer to have a shower after exercising then try burning those oils in an oil burner somewhere in the house. Have a breakfast of porridge oats, which have natural calming properties (or some flapjack for dessert after lunch) and try to go about your everyday business. If you’re at work then dab some of the essential oils onto a handkerchief to inhale every now and then.

Hopefully some of these natural anxiety treatments can help you on a day-to-day basis while you work with your counsellor or therapist to deal with the root cause of your condition. If you haven’t contacted anyone for help then simply go and visit your doctor who will refer you to a qualified professional.

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