How to Look Thinner

When you want to look thinner than you are you will want to know the right clothes to wear to get a thinner look. Most of looking thinner than you really are has to do with what you are wearing. However, good posture helps too. You want to make sure that you walk and sit correctly. You should have your shoulders held back, your head held up straight, and your stomach tucked in. The rest will depend on your attire.

Here are some things to consider in the clothing that you wear which will help to give you a thinner look:

The color of clothing that you wear will play a large part in how thin you appear. You will want to stay away from colors which can actually add weight to your look. Some bad colors for you to wear when you want to look thinner are white, light gray, light tan, light yellow, and light green. Colors that will help you to look thinner than you are will be black, dark gray, brown, dark red, and dark blue. You also want to stay away from horizontal stripes, these will also add weight to your look.

Many women think that wearing very tight clothing will help them look thinner by helping to hold everything in. This is false, wearing too tight of clothing will look obvious because the seems will appear stretched, the pockets won’t sit right, and your body will bulge from wherever it is allowed to, this is not flattering. Other women think that they can hide their size by wearing bigger clothes, this is also wrong. When you wear clothes that are too big for you it will make you look a lot bigger then you are. What you want to do is get clothing that is your true size and that fits you properly. This is the best way for you to look thinner.

You will want to make sure that you purchase clothing that accentuates your best features and helps to conceal your worst areas. If you know that you have a problem with your midsection, then you won’t want to wear clothing that has a lot of things going on in that area of the outfit. Instead, try to buy something that flatters that area and has more designs around the neckline, this will cause peoples eyes to focus on your neckline, rather than your problem area.

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