Pregnancy and Health of a Pregnant Women

Every woman has a dream to give birth to a child. But to maintain the health during this period is very important because it affects the health of both the baby and the mother. A proper diet, exercising, medicines and the kind of environment all these factors affects the health during the pregnancy. But before a woman identifies she is pregnant there are many symptoms that gives hint. These can be like missing a period, vomiting and restlessness. But to confirm the pregnancy you should get the pregnancy test done. These can help you getting the accurate result.

It is said that whatever you eat during your pregnancy directly affects your child’s health. Multivitamins and healthy diet is essentially important for the health of both child and mother. In case you doubt about what to eat and what not to eat during your pregnancy then you should consult your doctor and take all the necessary tips. During your pregnancy you have to consume extra nutrients for the health of your baby. At least extra 300 calories should be consumed while you are pregnant. It is advisable not to diet during your pregnancy. It is recommended to eat whenever you feel like. High calorie diet is advised since a low calorie diet breaks the stored fat in the woman.

Before and after you are pregnant your diet should not vary if you are already consuming a healthy diet before your pregnancy. But a few variations in the nutrition intake may be recommended. More than 6 servings of vegetables and fruits are recommended for a pregnant lady. Since fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins C hence they fulfills the body’s demand. More than 7 servings of cereals and whole grains are recommended for a pregnant lady.

Milk and low fat cheese and yogurt are very essential for maintaining a healthy diet. Low fat milk is advised. At least 10 grams of more proteins are advised for pregnant ladies and their babies. Uncooked meet and fish can harm the health of a pregnant woman. Extra amount of Folic acid, iron, calcium and water is very essential. Multivitamins are very important for a pregnant woman. These are prescribed by the doctors also.

Fish can be healthy for your health. But sharks and swords fish are not advised. During pregnancy alcohol should be strictly prohibited. It can cause severe damage to the child’s health. Larger intake of caffeine should also be avoided because it causes irritation and insomnia. These can cause many health related problems for the child. Most of the woman craves for pickles and other sour food which are required to fulfill the nourishment of the fetus.

• An underweight lady during her pregnancy should gain at least 30-40 kilo grams of weight. But a normally healthy woman should weigh around 15-25 kilograms more.

• Consult your doctor regarding your weight if you have any sort of doubt but 2 to 4 kilo grams is the normal weight that a lady gains during the first trimester.

• In the second and third trimesters around 3-4 kilo grams of weight is gained.

• Sometimes the weight that you gained during your pregnancy is very hard to lose. The deposits of fats increase in the body. But breast feeding allows you to lose much of your gained weight.

Diabetes and Pregnancy

If you are suffering from diabetes but you wish to get pregnant. Then you should first control your diabetes before pregnancy. 3-4 months before pregnancy you should control the blood sugar level. Even during your pregnancy you should control the diabetes. You should eat healthy food, exercise and maintain insulin levels. It is very important to consult your doctor to stay fit. In case your diabetes increases during pregnancy then it has very severe effects on the fetus health.

It becomes essentially important for the mother to consume vitamin B and folic acid every day. It helps in reducing the risks. Also there are cases of diabetes that starts during the pregnancy and is cured when the baby is born.

Nausea and Vomiting

Most of the women face these problems during pregnancy. The changes in the placenta are the reason for this problem. When you smell some food or you are tired these reasons can trigger these problems.

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