Health Guidance: Women's Health

Women’s health issues are always some of the gravest issues that doctors face. A woman’s health includes various aspects. Her body is very complicated and prone to diseases. There are many problems which a women face during her life time like menstrual cycles, cramps, body aches, pregnancy, contraception, post pregnancy problems, breast cancer, cervical cancer and many more. The list of the problems related to a women’s health. This issue requires urgent attention, regular check ups and a healthy diet. A lady has to take care of herself in order to lead a healthy life. All these health related problems in a woman if detected at a correct time then these can be healed with due attention.

Periodic Cycle in a Female

The beginning of the female reproductive life begins with the onset of the periodic cycle. This process accompanies various other changes in the body of a female. It includes structural, hormonal and changes in sex organs. Cramps and pain in stomach, legs and other parts of the body is also observed during the menstrual cycle. A girl during this period is advised not to over work. It is recommended to have rest and do not take stress. It is also advised not to eat anything cold and sour. It is recommended to consume hot things. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable in those cases it is preferred to consult a doctor. Sometimes a pan killer can also help.

The major problems that can severely affect the woman’s body can be a decrease in the bone density and change in the lipoprotein content of the blood. Irritation, weight gain and moods swings are other common problems faced by a woman.

Breast Cancer

It is observed as a hard but painless lump in the breast. These days it is very common in ladies who are above 30 years of age. In case the symptoms are observed it is advisable to consult the doctor immediately. It can be cured if detected in early stages. But do not confirm it as a breast cancer if you notice a lump in your breast. Get all the tests done and after that come to a conclusion. All the lumps that appear in the breast are not a sign of breast cancer. These days this form of breast cancer is very common among women. But since they get detected early they are easily cured. Mammography is the test done for its detection.

Those women are at high risk of a breast cancer whose close relatives have suffered from this disease. Above 30 years of age women are also prone to breast cancer. This disease can be easily treated through surgeries and other methods.

Mistakes Which Women Make While Handling Their Health

Most of the women do not even remember the last time they slept properly or worked out in a gym. It is the same case with almost every woman. They do not have the required time to take care of their health. All the work they are overloaded with does not allow them to give themselves the adequate time. The most basics things that need to be looked after are the intake of saturated and trans fat, their sugar and cholesterol levels and off course their blood pressure. These things if managed properly can really improve a woman’s health.

1. It is not always advised to order for a salad. It is not the perfect meal for you. Do not take the salad out of your diet but eat it as a sizzler. But you should eat some food as well.

2. Do not listen to very high volume music on your ipod or mp3 player. It can affect your ears. So always listen to 15-20% volume.

3. Use a suns cream that suits your skin. The daily skin care products should be chosen properly. Use only those products which can enhance your skin health.

4. Do not lift weights and something like that. Only carry on with that work out exercises which can help you enhance your shape. Lifting weights can only help you in looking like rock in a female version.

Some basic things can help you take better care of yourself. Calcium’s, vitamins and other such nutrients are essential for body. These capsules should be taken on time and one must go for regular health checkups.

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