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Every one wishes to have a healthy life. Life is a god’s gift. Health is given to us by our almighty but to maintain it in a good custom should be human’s top most priority. Without health none of the life’s greatest gifts can be enjoyed. This is the only reason why it is pronounced that “health is wealth”. Among the many techniques and therapies yoga is the most ancient form of maintaining physical and mental health. The word yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word yug. This form has been practiced for a long time. Its effectiveness in maintaining one health is known to all. No one can ever doubt its therapies.

Yoga and Its Forms

Yoga can be explained as the system where the universe unites with the mind, body and soul. It includes all the therapies for intellect, soul and body. It allows a person to perceive this world with all its positive and negative aspects with equality. It covers all the aspects of a human life and shows the path of healing and calmness.

Yoga is not just about asana or body postures but it is about healing the ill body and purifying the soul and mind. A healthy body reaches the zenith of calmness and positivism with the advent of yoga in his life. The one that performs yoga is called as a yogi.

There are many styles in yoga:

  1. The Bhakti yoga
  2. The Hatha yoga
  3. The Janana yoga
  4. The Karma yoga
  5. The Kundalini yoga
  6. The Mantra yoga
  7. The Raja yoga
  8. The Tantric yoga
  9. The Kriya yoga
  10. The Yantra yoga

Benefits of Yoga on Health

Yoga is very beneficial for maintaining a good health and a healthy life. This form of exercising has received acclamations from throughout the world. This art form has tremendous positive affects on health. It has along list of the benefits it gifts to a yogi. Its benefits are:

1. Inverted yoga and rhythmic breathing are the two forms of yoga which helps in reducing the blood pressure. The constant and consistent yoga practice can help you in maintaining your blood pressure.

2. Pulse rate can be lowered by yoga. A slower rate of the pulse signifies the capacity of strong heart in pumping more blood in comparatively less time.

3. It improves the circulation in the body.

4. It lowers the rate of respiration. This is the sign of lungs working efficiently.

5. It makes the cardiovascular system stronger and efficient.

6. Various functions of gastrointestinal are reported to function very well.

7. It improves the immunity system of the body and thereby protecting the body from many diseases.

8. The capacity to take and tolerate the pain in the body enhances. This makes the body stronger.

9. It helps body maintain metabolism efficiently.

10. It is revealed that yoga practice can easily reduce the signs of insomnia.

11. It is also affective in reducing asthma attacks.

12. It is also stated that it relieves a person from the pain of backache and osteoporosis.

13. It also works wonders for anemic people.

14. It enhances the balance between body and mind.

15. It has also improved the problems of impotence and less formation of ovaries.

16. It also helps you in shedding the extra weight.

When all the systems and parts of the body starts working well then your body naturally shapes up and sheds the extra weight. Thus yoga has a major role in maintaining one’s health. Yoga maintains the harmony between the various systems of the body. It has been a very famous and widely used technique of exercising. West recently tasted its beneficial flavors and was amazed by its advantages. More and more people are joining yoga classes. People are heading towards India for understanding the depth of this therapy. They totally relish the benefits it gives to the body. People in the west have high stress levels. The calmness that yoga provides soothes the mind and relaxes the body.

Yoga healing powers can heal any body problem. Many of the yoga pose help in healing the problems of body. So yoga can easily help you in maintaining a healthy life.

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