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People want to do things that they have never done before and go to places where they have never been before. But they cannot do this alone. They need someone to lead them and show them the way. That is where the role of a leader comes into play. Whether it is in politics, religion or in the corporate sector, leaders play a very important role in determining the success of the organization.

In order to be a good leader, one must possess certain qualities. First, the leader should be someone who is respected by the rest of the team. This does not necessarily mean that older people make better leaders. Someone who is young can definitely make an impression on account of good character, strong values and technical know-how.

A good leader should have good character. In other words he must possess honesty, integrity and sincerity. If you are a chosen leader never ever compromise your integrity. If you do so you will lose the respect of your peers. Be honest with your employees and the management.

A good leader is someone with a vision. He or she should have a clear idea about what he wants to achieve and should be able to manage the team accordingly.

One of the most important characteristics of a good leader is the ability to motivate those around them. A domineering attitude will only spark resentment among others. On the other hand, an attitude filled with enthusiasm, understanding and motivation will promote a healthy work environment.

The confidence of a team depends upon that of the team leader therefore a good leader must be a confident person. He should have enough faith in his abilities and those of his team members. Being the leader, people are sure to approach you when they feel unsure about something. Your confident outlook will give them the reassurance that they need.

The ability to listen and take action is something that is a must for every leader. She should be willing to listen to any complaints, issues or suggestions that her team mates have. Of course there is no use in simply listening. She should be willing to make a move to address the concerns of the people who work for her and ensure their well being.

Unfortunately, a leader is bound to be the victim of much criticism. So, in order to be a strong leader, one must be ready to take on criticism. Use criticism to identify your faults and shortcomings and work on improving them. Don’t let critics ruin your self confidence.

These qualities make a person different from the others around him and naturally establish him as the leader. Remember; never let the pride of leadership get to your head because a leader is nothing without his followers. They are the ones who can make or break a leader.

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