Mr. and Mrs. Perfect, Part 1

What does it mean to be perfect? Surely perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder; but if this is the case then what are we striving towards? I suppose then that ‘perfection’ here could mean the conditions that the largest number of people consider as perfect – the ‘mean perfection’ if you will.

In terms of attractive bodyshapes, men gravitate to a woman with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7, meaning that the ideal waist is 0.7 times that of the hips; a figure known as the ‘hour glass shape’ (this one of course being the ‘perfect’ hour glass). Women, measure your waists and hips and see how you literally measure up. Don’t be too disheartened though as anything from around 0.67 WHR to 1.18 WHR is pretty darn good. For men it’s more important to have an ‘upside down triangle shape’, meaning your shoulders should be considerably wider than your waist and hips. Achieve this with CV to slim your waist and shoulder and lat exercises to build up your upper body.

Symetry too is important for attractiveness on a subconscious level because it conveys that cell division has occurred without mutation or pollution. Studies have demonstrated that after sex women are far more likely to retain sperm and become pregnant if the male has symmetrical features. You can’t really help how naturally symmetrical you are unfortunately, but you can help yourself along by making sure you train your muscles for symmetry and by covering up blemishes and imperfections on your face with makeup (women) and other products (men). Symmetry has also been demonstrated to correlate with higher intelligence, as has ideal bodyshape as by studies from the University of New Mexico. Meanwhile large arms are a sign of strength, which means the male can protect and look after his woman and has the resources to maintain a balanced diet (and presumably share these with his gal).

Other aspects of your facial features also convey information about your genetics meaning that there are ‘ideal’ proportions. For men it is desirable to have high levels of testosterone which lead to improved muscle, greater confidence, more energy and drive and more sexual potency. Testosterone can be spotted in the male face as a prominent jaw (and generally large lower face) and brow. A large jaw also costs the body ‘androgens’ to maintain which taxes the body’s immune system – this means that in order to support a large jaw your immune system must be in good order which is also attractive to females. While you’re growing, and afterwards, you can supplement your testosterone production with herbal remedies such as tribulus terrestris. Growth hormone (which unfortunately is illegal to supplement in most states) can also increase the size of your jaw and brow. A more sensible approach is to subtly highlight those features with a haircut and/or facial hair that highlights your jaw giving you a ‘squarer’ head. Bulking up your neck through weightlifting can also have this effect.

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