When Is it Time to End a Relationship?

How does your relationship look? Is it full of arguments, misunderstanding and complaints? Do you feel that it is impossible to go ahead with this relationship even though it was once the best thing that happened to you? Have you tried everything from taking to counselling but still feel that the relationship is getting nowhere? Then, it is probably time to move on.

Leaving a relationship is not easy, especially if you have been together for a while. It is even more difficult when it is a marriage relationship. Both partners have become so used to having each other around that he prospect of starting over alone leaves them afraid. They would much rather put up with an unhappy relationship than feel alone. But unhappy relationships result in unhappy people and take a toll on every aspect of life from your job to your health.

When is it time to end a relationship?

There is no joy in the relationship

There might have been a time when you looked forward to seeing your partner and spending time with them but things may have changed. If you no longer find happiness in being together and if there is no understanding in the relationship, it is time to move on.

There is no communication between partners

Partners tend to drift apart and avoid talking to each other. You ought to try your best to talk to the other person and let them know what you feel or what you are going through. But when all else fails, remember that there is no point in spending a lifetime trying to communicate.

You dread the prospect of being alone

If you find yourself desperately seeking the company of your friends, relatives and even kids just so that you can avoid having to be left alone with your partner, chances are the relationship is on the route to failure.

There are too many criticisms and complaints

You and your partner may have loved and appreciated so many things about each other but if these good things have given way to criticism and fault finding, it is indicative that you are not happy with each other.

Changing each other

Do you and your partner constantly keep trying to change each other? Relationships thrive when each partner accepts the other just as they are. There is no use trying to change someone into something that they are not.

Wondering about your relationship

Do you keep wondering whether you should continue in this relationship? This very fact shows that you have a gut instinct that the relationship won’t work.

You argue a lot

Fights and spats are part of every relationship and up to a certain extent, they are good and perfectly normal but there is nothing normal about arguing 24×7. If you keep fighting, it shows that you just can’t stand each other anymore.

Feel depressed

Do you feel awful and downright depressed when you think about your relationship with your partner? Then it is high time to put an end to it. Depression can ruin your health and your life. So don’t wait till you reach that point. Either get your relationship straightened out or just leave.

One-sided relationship

Is the relationship one sided with one partner doing all the giving and the other doing all the receiving? If so, one person is very unhappy in that relationship and it is time to work on it.

What do your friends say?

Your friends may have noticed how your relationship has changed over time. Ask them for their opinion. Do they feel that you will be able to work around your problems or do they feel that you and your partner are simply not made for each other? Don’t hesitate to take their opinion and suggestions.

The most important thing to remember is to work hard on your relationship before walking out. Try all the possible means by which you can work things out with your partner. It is easy to walk out in a relationship but finding love and keeping it is a tough task.

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