Body Language Signs of Lying

Reading body language signals is something we all do automatically to an extent that gives us many advantages in day to day life. It’s almost like being able to read minds, and so by developing a better understanding of it we can improve our ability to second guess what’s going on in other people’s heads. At the same time, by understanding the subtle cues we’re sending out we can be more subtle and disguise unwanted emotions such as anger or nerves.

However bare in mind that reading body language is an art, not an exact science and other influences may affect your reading – for example if someone is cold they might cross their arms regardless of how open they are. These are clues but not evidence to the inner world of other people.

A gigantic proportion of day to day communication is non verbal, it’s time you learned what the hell you and everyone else are saying!


Someone might be lying if…

Voice is higher pitched

Face and hands becomes a bit paler as blood is withheld from extremities

Breathing deeper and maybe audible

Lips become thinner and tighter

Shoulders pulled up and elbows pulled in to sides more. Body takes up less space

Forehead tightens up a little in area between eye brows

Heart rate increases

They keep looking away

They fidget

They rub their eye or nose


Someone doesn’t want to listen/talk to you/is nervous/awkward if…

They are folding their arms

Are holding something in front of them as a ‘partial barrier’ such as a drink

Are crossing their ankles under the chair

Ready to go

Someone’s bored of you if…

They are pushing with both hands on the arm rest of their chairs

They are leaning forward but not toward you

They have their foot pointing towards the door

They tap their fingers on a surface


Someone’s interested in what you’re saying if…

Their head is tilted slightly to one side

Lean on their hand with one finger pointing up

They are leaning forward toward you

Signs of confidence

Someone’s confident – feels superior/relaxed if…

They lean on a wall/door frame

They lean back with their hands behind their head

They hold hands behind their back, (exposing their chest)

Put their legs up onto something


Someone wants to fight if…

They use intimidating eye contact

They stick their fingers in their belt

They stand too close

Purse their lips

They lower their brow (used subconsciously to protect the eyes from gouging)

Female Flirtage

You’re in their if she…

Exposes her wrists

Exposes her neck

Caresses her own leg

Fondles a cylindrical object

Has her mouth slightly open

Plays with her hair

She blinks allot

Crosses her legs and points them to you (crossing the legs makes women look thinner)

Slips her shoe on and off

Her pupils dilate

She points her foot towards you

She ‘accidentally’ touches you a lot

Male flirtage

Someone’s interested in your girl if…

They point their foot towards her

His pupils dilate

He points his feet toward her

He ‘accidentally’ touches her a lot

They tuck their fingers in their belt


Someone’s worried if…

They scratch the back of their hair

They bite their nails

They shake – duh

They sweat

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