Ways to Change Your Life

To be truly happy, you must be truly happy about yourself. To get on in life you need a strong body and a strong mind, so if you’re going through a tough time, or just think it’s time for a change and a new you; the following tips will aid you in accomplishing this feat. Over time it’s easy to lost touch, to become bogged down and let yourself go. You need to change yourself while remaining true to the things that make you who you are, improve yourself while still focussing on the little things that are important in life. You need to flush out your life; get rid of rubbish, bothersome thoughts and clear out your system for a fresh feeling.

Here’s some proactive steps you can take to start seeing the new you.


Clear your bedroom, trust me – make the bed, clear clutter off the floor and desks and Hoover. Throw out some stuff if necessary, you’ll feel so refreshed.

Extend this cleanliness to other areas; your computer. Clear up your desktop, make start up faster and defragment your hard drive. To make startup faster: go to run, type msconfig, click the startup tag, then uncheck all the boxes you don’t want. If you don’t know what something is – leave it. If your computer is still slow however consider actually reformatting it, which should be a simple matter of using the disk that came with the computer to set it back to factory settings.

Clear piles of rubbish on your desk. Anything you can’t throw away hide, or sort into folders.


Buy a couple of things that look really cool; a flashy watch, a high tech phone and some nice smart clothes. I recently had my tux tailored I feel so James Bond right now…

Get a hair cut you’re proud of. Have a shave if you’re a guy (and definitely if you need one and you’re a girl).

Maybe take care of other areas of your personal hygiene by buying a new deodorant or moisturiser.

Join a gym and go at least once a week with a friend.

If you workout at home, try doing it in the morning. Work in the morning is good too. You are most fresh this time and will feel good about having gotten it out of the way.

Also, don’t make a workout too strenuous, you don’t want to be dreading it everyday. It’s better little than often than tough but only 1ce a month.


Eat healthily, you’ll feel much better after you do. Don’t deprive yourself of treats, that’s no fun either, but make sure to eat a lot of fruit and try to keep treats to a maximum 1 or 2 a day. Don’t over-indulge.

That applies to everything. Don’t over-indulge in booze or the like either. These are temporary enjoyments and you will feel bad after. Of course have a few drinks it’ll increase your enjoyment of a night out. Just no where to draw the line.

Try to get quite early nights, you’ll feel refreshed and be glad you did!


Evil spawns evil – don’t talk behind peoples’ back or use them. Don’t start conflicts, they will only bother you later. All your bad actions will find their way back to you.

Follow your conscience so you feel good later. Admit to your secrets and lies and get your secrets out of the closet. If you can’t do that then keep a diary of ideas and thoughts, it’s cathartic too and will also help you to sleep at night.

Smile at everyone you see in the street. This will cheer you up both through ‘biofeedback’ where you take on the mood that suits your expression, and through the friendly smiles you get back. Say good morning.


Take up a new hobby as something that you can focus some attention on and a skill you can develop. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

Buy clothes you wouldn’t normally think suited you or weren’t your type. Go places you wouldn’t normally go.


Change your thinking…

If someone has a problem, know that this is their problem. If they are grumpy with you, then it is they who has had the bad day, don’t let it ruin yours. If someone is selfish or spiteful, know that this will hinder their progress. When they come across someone less good natured they will get their come-upance.

Remember, everyone has their faults and dark secrets, forgive yourself yours – focus on your good points.

Sex is not such a big thing as it is made out to be. The sex you enjoy says nothing about you. Your sexual dreams and fantasies, twisted though they may be, say nothing of your sexuality. It is an animalistic ritual, in the wild animals are gay, straight, bi… whenever it suits them. The sooner you stop worrying about your sexuality and overcompensating the sooner you can be true to yourself. What’s it matter if people think you are gay? You’re not are you? If you are, who cares??

People who annoy you – want your attention.

People who seem to hate you for no reason – are jealous or insecure of some flaw in their own character.

Appreciate and look forwards to little things in life.

If you are a panicky person, put your watch and clocks back 2.5 minutes, no one will notice if your that much later, but you should feel you have a lot more time. It’s psychological.

Do nice things for other people, this is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself. I’m not talking about donating money, I mean helping real people in the street.

See the funny side of your misfortune. You’re living a comedy, look forwards to telling people how side-splittingly crap your day was!

Everything works out, everything settles down. If you have a problem, know that things wont always be this way, and even if things don’t turn out the way you planned-change is good and now you can start sculpting your life the way you see fit.

Attack every problem at its route.

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